Speaker Topics

General Introduction To Attitudinal Healing

  1. Introduction to Attitudinal Healing Part 1
  2. Introduction to Attitudinal Healing Part 2
  3. Healing Your Own Mind 101

Starting And Running Groups And Centers

  1. Starting an Attitudinal Healing Center
    • Engaging community support
    • Board Development
    • Budgeting
    • Volunteer recruitment
  2. Peer Support Group Facilitator’s Training
  3. Volunteer Training
  4. Fundraising and event planning
  5. How to set up and be part of regional conferences on A.H.

Training For Specific Programs

  1. Attitudinal Healing in the Schools and/or Children’s Programs
    • Power to Choose
    • Loss and Grief
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Emotional Resilience
  2. Art Esteem – Transforming Children Through Their Art
  3. Mindful Drumming – Ancient Wisdom
  4. Aging with Attitude
  5. Attitudinal Healing Programs for Prisons
    • Inmate programs
    • Community programs after release
  6. Home and Hospital Volunteer Training

Death And Dying

  1. How to Live with a Dying Person
  2. Loss and Grief
  3. Dealing with the Death of a Loved One
  4. Dealing with the Death of Your Child

Living With Illness

  1. Dealing with Illness
  2. Forgiveness as a Great Self Healer
  3. Attitudinal Healing and Health
  4. Caring for the Caregiverd

Personal Growth

  1. Goodbye to Guilt
  2. Teach Only Love
  3. Change Your Mind, Change Your Life
  4. Your Attitude is Everything
  5. Love is the Answer
  6. Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness
  7. Letting Go of the Blocks to Love


  1. Letting Go of Judgments and Blame
  2. Healing Old Relationships and Creating Positive New Ones
  3. Dealing with Difficult People while Applying the Principles
  4. Using Attitudinal Healing within Your Couple Relationship
  5. Conducting Family Meetings Using Attitudinal Healing Principles

Dealing With Change

  1. Finding Certainty in Uncertain times
  2. Mastering Choices, Challenges, and Change
  3. Facing Financial Uncertainty

Community Building

  1. Transforming the Community through Attitudinal Healing
  2. Beyond Fear – Healing Racism
  3. Practical Applications of Attitudinal Healing
  4. Adapting Attitudinal Healing to Different Cultures

Business And Professional Applications

  1. Attitudinal Healing and the Work Place
  2. Attitudinal Healing in Business
  3. Attitudinal Healing in Education
  4. Forgiveness and the Field of Medicine
  5. Mediation Techniques Using Attitudinal Healing (or How lawyers Can Use A. H. in Their Practices)