The following coaches are a select group of individuals who offer specialized, personal and professional coaching that supports and guides individuals through life transitions, challenges, choices, and change. While the coaches are independent of AHInternational, they each reflect, in their own unique way, the values and intentionality of Attitudinal Healing.

Juan Manuel Aldape

Life Coach


Juan Manuel Aldape has experience working with Spanish speaking people around the world in areas like life coaching, mentoring, and training to facilitate and begin a new Attitudinal Healing Group.

Since 2005, Juan Manuel has been an Attitudinal Healing group facilitator and served as Director of CECURA Monterrey, Mexico (AH Monterrey) from 2006 to 2019. He is professional Coach, certified by the NLP and Coaching Institute of California. He has studied NLP, Human Development, and Group facilitation, and was a Coach and Consultant in Business Human Processes from 2006 to 2014.

Since 1973, Juan Manuel has worked in the industry of Monterrey Mexico according to his profession. His certifications include Mechanical Electrical Engineer by ITESM, Top Business Direction at IPADE, Operation Management at Stanford University in the United States of America, and Total Quality at AOTS in Japan.

Joanne Brem

Leadership Development Coach


Joanne Brem brings seasoned, hands-on expertise to the field of leadership development. She has integrated into practice, the principles and dynamics of sustainable high-impact performance and life/leadership mastery, which form the philosophical foundation of her leadership coaching approach.

Joanne is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and is accredited as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation of which she is a member.

Diane V. Cirincione-Jampolsky

Attitudinal Healing Coach, Therapist


Dr. Diane Cirincione’s approach and philosophy are based on 35+ years of experience and education and are informed by the universal Principles of Attitudinal Healing that serve people of all ages, beliefs, walks of life, cultures, and circumstances.

In her therapeutic work Dr. Cirincione draws upon many modalities as well as these guiding principles and is grateful to share these powerful tools that enable those she works with to heal their hearts and minds by choosing peace over conflict and love over fear.

Dr. Cirincione offers support in the areas of life choices, managing change, interpersonal relationships, family dynamics, marriage, divorce, gender issues, worry, stress, fear, anxiety, forgiveness, life threatening illness, caregiving, loss and grief, death and dying, Practical Spirituality, A.C.I.M., and Organizational Behavior.

In addition to a Masters in Counseling Psychology and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Cirincione also has expertise and her B.S. Degree in Organizational Behavior. She has been invited to lecture and work in 61 countries as well as throughout the United States and has appeared on hundreds of national and international television and radio shows throughout the years. She is an internationally known lecturer and author of numerous books as well as an entrepreneur with business experience in the corporate world as well as her own companies.

Richard J. Cohn

Investment Coach


Richard Cohn uses his practical experience with Attitudinal Healing, combined with his skills as a Financial/Investment advisor, to help his clients find equilibrium or a comfort point where risk and reward intersect with anticipated returns and a peaceful night's sleep.

His goal is to help clients stay invested no matter what the market is doing by going beyond traditional investing and deepening diversification. His approach is designed to provide a more holistic view of the market, allowing for deeper diversification, but more importantly, peace of mind.

Click here to listen to Richard's AHI Radio podcast with Drs. Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione.

Pat Cowan

Life and Health Coach


Pat Cowan is a gifted facilitator and Life and Health Coach. She offers inspiration and insight together with practical skills and steps that support others in discovering and manifesting their dreams and desires.

Pat’s experiences as a Hospice and oncology nurse, bereavement counselor, owner of a successful wellness center, holistic healer, business manager for a construction company, and an ordained minister have given her a broad-based platform to explore the delicate balance between the “head and heart.” Pat credits these experiences as her “Divine synthesis” for learning about concurrently being in touch with and trusting one’s intuition and implementing one’s skills and abilities. Her work is both insightful and empowering.

Experienced in life for over seven decades, Pat is a warm and compelling presenter. She has conducted numerous workshops that incorporate her talents as a Clinician of Guided Imagery and long-time student and facilitator of Attitudinal Healing. Her dynamic presence is surpassed only by her compassionate heart.

Richard Cuadra

Attitudinal Healing Coach


Richard Cuadra, MS has had a private consultation practice for 20 years working with individuals, organizations, and couples. He has incorporated the Principles of Attitudinal Healing as a modality for enhancing relationships and developing emotional resilience. His psycho-spiritual approach is based on the premise that we can reclaim our innate ability to be peaceful and loving and in so doing, become more resilient, confident and less fearful in response to life’s challenges.

Richard offers workshops on emotional resilience facilitation, care giving, bereavement, and relationship dynamics. He has trained facilitators from the United States as well as from Japan, India, Mexico, Russia, England and Canada. Richard has worked in association with Jerry Jampolsky for 20 Years and was the program director for the Center for Attitudinal Healing for nine years. He is currently the Chair of the international board for Hope Project India, an NGO that provides school, health clinic, vocational and income generation training.

David Fishman

Attitude Coach


David Fishman has dedicated his life to empowering people so they may empower themselves. He believes this meets the one need everyone has: to recognize one’s worth and equality, and to develop trust in one’s true strength.

His work as a coach explores what underlying thoughts, beliefs and attitudes are responsible for the personal upsets and emotional pain one carries as excess baggage on life’s journey. He believes that once false beliefs are separated from the truth, distrust and fear give way to full self-expression and self-worth.

As a student/teacher of A Course In Miracles for the past 40 years, David’s experience is that we are given all we need, when we need it. His counseling practice focuses on taking a look at what's real, and what we imagine and believe to be true, with the goal of restoring peace of mind.

David is the author of two books, "Into Oneness, Thoughts and Prayers on the Way,” and "The Open Mind: Loving Your Self.” They provide a friendly and loving way to embrace the healing attitudes inspired by a shift in perception.

Louise Franklin

Coaching and Psychotherapy


Louise is licensed as a Marriage and Family Counselor and Clinical Counselor in California and Nevada, and holds a national counseling license. She works with both individuals and couples. Along with in-depth experience with Attitudinal Healing, she is certified as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher through the University of California-Berkeley’s Greater Good Institute, specializes in Prolonged Grief through Columbia University, and is a member of the Red Cross Mental Health Disaster Response Team. 

Louise is a founding partner of a consulting collaborative that provides executive coaching to not-for-profit organizations and their leadership teams.

During her 15 year tenure at the founding Center for Attitudinal Healing, Louise directed support programs for teens, adults, and families coping with catastrophic life events, built outreach programs that brought attitudinal healing into hospitals, schools, and communities, directed a committee that revamped the Center’s facilitator training and workshops, and headed a team that supported war refugees during the Bosnian war. Louise has integrated attitudinal healing into her therapeutic approach that also includes evidence-based mindfulness, neuroscience and positive and trauma-informed psychology. 

Louise welcomes confidential inquiries to explore how her approach can support you in breaking through the challenges that may be blocking you from a much greater experience of happiness and fulfillment.

Don Joseph Goewey

Attitude Coach


Don Joseph Goewey has worked for three decades helping people transcend extreme stress to reach a higher potential. His long career includes collaborations with Carl Rogers, PhD, founder of humanistic psychology, and Gerald Jampolsky, MD, founder of Attitudinal Healing.

During his tenure as director of the Center for Attitudinal Healing, he worked with people and organizations besieged by stress. Through these relationships he learned much about stress and the fear that generates it, and how the power of a fearless attitude moves our lives from feeling overwhelmed by circumstances to a way of being that makes us larger than circumstances.

In 2006, Don co-founded ProAttitude, dedicated to ending stress in the workplace. His new book, Mystic Cool: A proven approach to transcend stress, achieve optimal brain function and maximize creative intelligence is an Amazon bestseller.

Click here to listen to Don's AHI Radio podcast with Drs. Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione.

Melissa Heckman

Life Coach


Melissa’s life coaching practice is Lanikai Blue… a retreat for your soul™.

Her purpose as a Life Coach is to serve as a guide, helping and inspiring others to attain their goals, live their divinity and to live with greater peace and meaning. Melissa’s life coaching experience stems from over 15 years of clinically based social work, and within the last 5 years she has added Attitudinal Healing, New Thought and other similar spiritual dimensions to her work. She is a Unity of Berkeley Prayer Chaplain and leads the annual World Prayer Day and World Meditation events at Unity of Berkeley, as well as teaches life coaching workshops at Unity of Berkeley and Unity of Kailua on Oahu.

Melissa provides spiritually-based services for people seeking help with career, relationships, identity, purpose in life, grief and loss, self-esteem and/or wanting less stress and more peace in life.

Seema Khaneja

Inner Peace Coach

Seema Khaneja, M.D. help clients and students uncover and release blocks in their own mind that stand in the way to enjoying a life of good health, happiness, peace of mind, prosperity, purpose and fulfilling and happy relationships.

Friend and teacher David Hoffmeister recently called her a physician of the mind — a metaphysician — which is a doctor/healer who helps facilitate healing through means that transcend the physical.

Dr. Khaneja completed her medical school and residency in pediatrics in NYC at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and NY Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. She practiced integrative medicine for children and adults for almost ten years, before transitioning to coaching. Coaching for Inner Peace is officially an independent satellite center of Attitudinal Healing International (AHI)

Franklin Levinson

Relationship Coach

970.927.1221 or 808.572.6211

Showing humans how to have the best relationship possible with their horses and how to keep it has always been one of Franklin's main goals. To be good with horses at a high level requires us humans to come forward with our best qualities and attributes.

Similar to a 'great parent', successful relationships with horses require compassion, kindness, precision, patience, clarity, real knowledge (not just opinions and projections), great leadership, acquired skills and more. Practicing appropriate interaction with horses helps humans to become more highly functional in all their relationships. Thus, in all his programs, Franklin teaches success with horses as life enrichment for the human as well as the horse.

Linda Noble Topf

Spiritual and Wellness Coach


As an MS patient since 1981 and an advocate for disability rights, Linda Noble Topf is a published author of two books, “You Are Not Your Illness” and “Wheelchair Wisdom,” professional speaker, radio guest speaker, an ordained minister, a wellness coach, and wife of 37 years. She is dedicated to assisting others in seeing that illness, injury, aging, or any adversity in any stage of life can be viewed, through the principles of Attitudinal Healing, as a spiritual awakening, an opportunity for personal growth, and connection to the higher consciousness of who we all are. She has experience with women’s groups, colleges, couples and the health care industry. She has media experience in print, television and radio.

Linda writes and counsels individuals and couples as they struggle with their fears, anxiety, pain and separation that might naturally emerge as a result of a diagnosis or advanced aging. Clients begin to shift, accept and acknowledge that most thoughts, feelings, and unexamined beliefs are all part of the human experience. As an ordained minister, you will receive her clarity of vision, steadfastness of faith and depth of her gratitude. She has been writing for Huffington Post since November, 2012 under the moniker, “Healthy Living’. She has been the guest of Dr. Bernie Siegel on his radio shows.

In 2000, she designed and created an exhibit profiling noted physically challenged people throughout history titled “Inspirations” for The National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, PA. Her book, “You Are Not Your Illness: Seven Principles for Meeting the Challenge,” was published in 1995 by Simon and Schuster. Her second book, “Wheelchair Wisdom: Awaken Your Spirit Through Adversity,” was published in 2015 with stellar reviews on Amazon both in print and audio. In 2015, Wheelchair Wisdom received the bronze medal for Self Help at the Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY).

Click here to listen to Linda's AHI Radio podcast with Drs. Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione.

Margaret Pappas

Life Strategist and Energy Healer


Margaret Pappas, M.L.S. uses her research, organizational, and experiential skills to help individuals and the business community to “get organized” and un-clutter their minds. When she started “The Organizers” in 1985, Margaret soon realized that “cluttered spaces” was a symptom of a “cluttered mind.” While searching for solutions, she found several simple tools to help facilitate and sustain change… IF one was “willing.”

Along the way, Margaret rediscovered A Course In Miracles and The Center for Attitudinal Healing, which are now the heart of her life coaching and energy healing practice. Using these simple tools, Margaret also developed the COMPASS program for individuals.

Currently, she teaches her “Un-Clutter Your Mind;” “Speak Your Heart;” and “Love is Letting Go of Fear” experiential workshops at Citrus College, Pasadena City College, and her studio in Monrovia, CA. As she states, “I give you hope that ‘there is another way'. I help you stay focused on ‘what is important to you.' I encourage you to use these simple tools to facilitate and to sustain your attitudinal shift/change by ‘using your heart.’”

A life coach/strategist and facilitator of energy and Attitudinal Healing, Margaret is also an ordained minister, Quantum Touch Practitioner, professional librarian, and professional organizer.

Tom Pinkson

Life Enrichment Coach


Tom Pinkson, Ph.D. has played a key role in three social movements of the 20th Century: the establishment and growth of the second Hospice Program in the United States, the introduction of the Native American based Vision Quest to mainstream America, and the spread of Attitudinal Healing, a forerunner to today's popularity of "positive psychology.”

He helped Dr. Jerry Jampolsky start the internationally renown Center for Attitudinal Healing where he worked for thirty-two years counseling life-threatened children and adults.

Tom is the founder and director of WAKAN, a community based non-profit organization committed to restoring the sacred in daily life, and of "Recognition Rites - A New Vision of Aging," a program that shifts attitudes and behaviors towards what is called by some, "The Third Age."

Click here to listen to Tom's AHI Radio podcast with Drs. Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione.

Beatriz Ribas

Spiritual Life Coach

+39 3805929256

Beatriz Ribas has an MS in Economics and worked for many years in the financial market. In 2008 she took a course in Life Coaching, and since then she has been working in this area.

Beatriz worked for many years as a Medium in two Spiritual Institutions in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She adds her spiritual experience to her coaching work, enabling different approaches and tools for day-to-day overcoming obstacles. She also incorporates Attitudinal Healing into her coaching services, and offers workshops and practice groups inspired by the Principles of Attitudinal Healing.

Beatriz's groups help clients/students to listen to their wise inner voice, let go of fear, and look at life through the lens of love.

Mark Roby

Cancer Coach


Co-founder of the Metro-Detroit Center for Attitudinal Healing, Dr. Roby graduated with a Doctor of Naturopathy degree from Trinity College of Natural Health in Warsaw, Indiana. He attained his Physician Assistant degree with academic and clinical honors from Touro College in New York. He has held positions at teaching hospitals such as Montefiore/NCB Medical Center in New York City and the Henry Ford Health System in Metro Detroit. He currently works as a clinical consultant and health care strategist, specializing in oncology.

"Having been diagnosed in 2002 with one of the rarest forms of sarcomas in the world, I sought out nearly every form of integrative cancer care known to man to stay alive. Dr. Jampolsky, his wife, Diane, the Attitudinal Healing community and its teachings have been a critical lifeline to my survival.”
-- Dr. Roby

Sandra Stephenson

Spiritual & Creative Coach


Sandra Stephenson is a certified professional coach, and the founder of Infinity Coaching. She uses the ancient form of the spiral to help her clients move from a sense of immobility, to goal setting, and to actions that lead to their highest level of consciousness in the areas of spirituality and creativity.

In an earlier career Sandra was a professional actor who starred in movies and television. Currently she is a writer who has written many screenplays and children's stories. Her life experience and education amount to a highly knowledgeable and effective professional coach.

Sandra is certified in the areas of Spiritual Coaching, Life Coaching, Creative Coaching, Relationship Coaching, and Family Coaching.

Abby Tollefson

Executive and Leadership Coach


Abby Tollefson is a leader in the field of communication and an advocate for maximizing personal and professional potential. Abby’s coaching inspires clients to move beyond personal and professional barriers, achieving solutions and goals which previously had appeared impossible or difficult to attain.

With over 15 years of Executive Coaching experience in both the private and corporate sectors, Abby has provided service to individuals from a wide array of professional arenas and industries.

Abby has a passion for her work and a dedication to service. She brings integrity, accountability and an unwavering commitment to the success of her clients. Her clients report breakthrough and life-changing results in all areas of life.

Jeanine Austin


Jeanine Austin a licensed therapist who has worked in the field of helping professions for 35 years. She is a teacher in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, having attended two summer school courses at Oxford University, and is certified / trained in therapies including EMDR, the Enneagram, Hypnosis, Solution Focused Therapy, Yoga, and more. She earned a non-traditional PhD in Life Coaching with a focus on secular and non-secular approaches to suffering.

Jeanine’s specialty is working virtually with women and non-binary people who live in Arizona and California on issues related to anxiety, coping as a caregiver for those with challenges (such as a child with a disability or elderly parent), cult abuse survival, having a parent with a personality disorder, life transitions / exploration, and trauma.

Jeanine has lectured at A Course in Miracles conference through the Miracle Distribution Center with Marianne Williamson, Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione-Jampolsky, and she has written many articles for The Holy Encounter magazine.