WorldBeing (formerly Corstone)


WorldBeing (formerly Corstone)


Formerly known as CorStone, and originally known as The Center for Attitudinal Healing, WorldBeing is a leader in developing, evaluating and delivering evidence-based inner health and wellbeing programs for vulnerable youth in low- and middle-income countries. With a mission deeply rooted in the belief that inner wellbeing is foundational to global change, WorldBeing is helping youth build the critical skills of inner wellbeing that are necessary to positively transform their life trajectories and forge a path forward for themselves, their communities and the world.

Steve Leventhal, CEO of WorldBeing, said, “For 15 years, we've honed and expanded our evidence-backed programs from India to African nations like Kenya and Rwanda. By 2026, we aim to empower more than 5 million marginalized youth annually, enhancing their resilience and wellbeing. Our new identity as WorldBeing encapsulates our broadened scope and commitment.” ‍

WorldBeing programs are developed in locally grounded, community-led thought partnerships. The organization prioritizes learning from context and lived experience; reciprocal sharing of ideas; and continuous improvement as it works with governments and local partners to innovate, evaluate, and scale.

2000 Jampolsky Award
'Reintegration Program in the Kanjarbhats Community' from the ASSOCIATION FOR ATTITUDINAL HEALING (AAH), Pune, India. The Pune Center uses Attitudinal Healing in a program to reintegrate families from a 'criminal' tribe into mainstream society. They are committed to teaching alternative, respectable ways of living through a rehabilitation program that includes education, vocational training, legal and medical aid, as well as Attitudinal Healing groups. The program's basic objectives are to develop awareness that legal avenues for economic and social development are available, and that living peaceful lives, with self respect and confidence are attainable goals.

INDIA: Youth First Bihar - WorldBeing’s Youth First program works to foster development ‘from the inside out,’ providing an evidence-based approach to impact the health and education—and positive life trajectory—of India’s adolescent youth. Learn More >>

INDIA: inREACH - The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare an ugly truth: the “digital divide” remains a pervasive reality with often devastating consequences for the poor, particularly youth in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). inREACH is a flexible and self-paced program, designed to be delivered remotely, that supports LMIC high school-age youth mental wellbeing, emotional growth and thriving. Learn More >>

INDIA: Girls First KGBV- Girls First KGBV empowers marginalized, at-risk adolescent girls attending special government-run residential schools (called “KGBVs”) with knowledge, skills and support to improve their personal resilience and physical health, and to self-advocate for their right to stay in school and delay early marriage. Learn More >>

KENYA: Youth First Kenya - Youth First is a teacher-facilitated, school-based program in Kenya that draws from the latest research in resilience, Positive Psychology, and Social-Emotional Learning, in which potential risks or threats to wellbeing are addressed by boosting internal assets and external supports. Learn More >>

RWANDA: Youth First Rwanda - Youth First Rwanda is a school-based integrated resilience and adolescent health program designed to improve mental and physical wellbeing and education-related outcomes among lower secondary school (S-1) students (ages 13-15). Learn More >>

Contact Information

Steve Leventhal Chief Executive Officer; Kate Sachs Leventhal, Chief Program Officer; Nandita Bhatla, Country Director, India
Pvt No. 206, 66/2253, Second Floor, Naiwala, Opposite Gurudwara, Karol Bagh, Delhi-110005, India
+1 410-864-9882
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