Japan Attitudinal Healing Association


Japan Attitudinal Healing Association


We are thrilled to announce the commencement of the Japan Attitudinal Healing Association (JAHA), a center committed to promoting the transformative practice of Attitudinal Healing in Japan. With an adaptive approach to delivering our activities, we are determined to create a welcoming and comforting atmosphere for all who engage with us.

Harnessing the convenience of modern technology, we offer online sessions via Zoom and Skype, allowing individuals to participate in our programs from any location. In contrast, our in-person sessions in the vibrant cities of Tokyo, Chiba, and Kyoto offer an enriching experience of direct engagement. Each location is reflected the heartening spirit of Attitudinal Healing.

At JAHA, you will find passionate facilitators, each with over years of experience in Attitudinal Healing. Their love for this practice shines through in their interactions, creating a compassionate, understanding environment that allows participants to truly appreciate the essence of Attitudinal Healing.

As we prepare to expand our in-person locations, we will bring this empowering journey of inner peace to a wider audience. Anyone who joins us can expect to witness firsthand the profound impact that Attitudinal Healing can have on one's life.

JAHA currently offers online groups and workshops using Zoom and Skype as well as in-person groups in the Kanto (Tokyo, Chiba) and Kinki (Kyoto) regions in Japan. In-person locations are expected to be expanded in the near future.

Contact Information

Shingo KATO (Tokyo, Kyoto and online), Yuki CHINEN (Chiba), and a few other facilitators all over Japan
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