ME: H.O.P.E. – Healing of Persons Exceptional


ME: H.O.P.E. – Healing of Persons Exceptional


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HOPE’s mission is to empower people to trust in life’s possibilities through the discovery of their own meaning, value, and purpose.

H.O.P.E. came into being in Kenneth Hamilton's surgical practice on February 12, 1987 after 12 years of studying the work of Earl Nightingale on the effects of attitude on health, being tutored by a Psychiatrist who taught Karen Horney’s psychology of moves (attitudes), and introduced him to Bernie Siegel’s work. This led to an Interface workshop with Bernie where Kenneth found out about Jerry Jampolsky’s Attitudinal Healing work.

Its focus was on helping people develop healing attitudes for living successful lives and moving forward in the face of serious illness. The word got out, and when Kenneth was invited to start the fifth group two hours away, he had to choose between careers.

Dr. Hamilton sheathed his scalpel and devoted his career and life to the work. He has participated as the H.O.P.E. Guide in over 5,000 H.O.P.E. Group meetings. H.O.P.E. is a 501(c)(3) organization that teaches others how to do the work, and they in turn have guided another 1,000 H.O.P.E. Group meetings in Maine and New Hampshire.

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