Choose Again Society Costa Rica Retreat Center


Choose Again Society Costa Rica Retreat Center


Perched on a hillside overlooking Lake Arenal in Central Costa Rica - with toucans, monkeys, and butterflies ​in the trees overhead – sits El Cielo a remarkable gem of a retreat centre, the sole purpose of which is the personal transformation of all who come.

The Choose Again Center is a place where the Self can be reborn in safety and in peace. It is a place for people who are yearning for a deeper experience of peace and joy in their life. It is a place for people who say: there simply has to be a better way.

Some will come to the Choose Again Retreat Center because nothing else has worked and they see the center as a ‘last resort’. Some others have been on a spiritual journey for some time and for them the center will be a wondrous respite. We focus on who you think you are. Who you think you are is just a set of beliefs. You can change when you are ready and motivated to do so. We use the Principles of Attitudinal Healing and teach effective core belief correction methods which will change your life in a profound way. We do not teach behavior modification. If you practice what you learn at the center you will change your life forever.

Our centre is a small facility with no more than 12 visitors at any one time, allowing for a very high staff to participant ratio. As soon as you arrive we will get to work on the root cause of your life's challenges, and empower you with practical tools to restore your natural state of well-being and happiness.
Weekly Skype Circle
Facilitated by the staff at El Cielo
Every Friday at 12:30pm to 3:00pm (Costa Rica time) To attend circle you will need:

  • Good internet connection
  • A laptop or tablet with a camera
  • A quiet space where you won't be disturbed
  • A copy of the 'Six Steps to Freedom' (Available to download on the booking page)


Single Circle - CAD$30
Package of 4 Circles - CAD$95 (Regular price $120)
Space is limited to 8 participants, so please book early to avoid disappointment

How to Book:

  • Send an email to with your full name, followed by the word 'circle.'
  • Within 24 hours we'll send you access to the 'Members Only' page on our website where you can book your circle.
  • If your access email doesn't show up after 24 hours, check your junk folder just in case.

Contact Information

Diederik Wolsak
888 832 5959, 604 221-2292
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