Centre for Attitudinal Healing – Perth


Centre for Attitudinal Healing – Perth


In 1986, a small group of Western Australian psychologists, doctors and business people founded a Healing centre at Serpentine. In 1988, a doctor and psychologist from Perth visited the original Center for Attitudinal Healing in Tiburon, California, and brought back its principles to Western Australia. In 1988, they invited Dr. Jampolsky to WA and then founded The Western Australian Centre for Attitudinal Healing. Now the local Western Australian Centre is one of dozens of similar, though independent, Centres throughout the world.

The Centre for Attitudinal Healing in Perth is a not-for-profit registered charity that is committed to helping people who want more from life and to do things differently

The Centre for Attitudinal Healing - Perth in Western Australia continues to expand its continuing professional development program for diverse organizations across Western Australia. Company directors, professionals and support staff all participate in the Centre's workshops which focus on ways to avoid burnout, increase productivity, and heal depression and anxiety.

The Centre has been hired to provide services to government departments, major legal firms, judicial officers and clergy members, while also providing workshops for the general public. Participants are given a crash course in neuroscience as well as practical AH tools for dealing with trauma in a professional environment.

All proceeds from the professional workshops go directly to support the Centre's Refugee Children's Wilderness Programs at their Serpentine Retreat Centre.

Young Adult's Group
The Serpentine Retreat Centre
Children's Wilderness Program

Innovative Attitudinal Healing workshops have been adapted to serve professionals working in areas of high trauma.

Contact Information

Meneesha, Patrick Michalka

Post: PO Box 4377
Mosman Park South 6012

+61 8 9315 5899


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