CECURA Santo Domingo

CECURA Santo Domingo


In May 2009, a healing group of Attitudinal Healing was opened for the first time in Santo Domingo, with the help of Father Marciano García OCD. Fr. Marciano learned about Attitudinal Healing through the book “Love is Letting Go of Fear” while he was living in Cuba. The author, Dr. Gerald Jampolsky and Dr. Diane Cirincione Jampolsky were invited guests to Cuba in 2008 where they lectured, held workshops, and helped lay the groundwork for Cecura Santo Domingo.

Zaidy Di Franco, now the President/E. D. CECURA Santo Domingo, had the joy and opportunity to be personally invited to this group by Father Marciano in 2011 and has since facilitated the growth of the Center into the community.

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Zaidy DiFranco, Executive Director
C/ Dr. César Dargam 4 Edif. Erika IV, Apt. 204-A. Santo Domingo La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, D.N. Dominican Republic

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