CECURA Guadalajara


CECURA Guadalajara


The Attitudinal Healing Center in Guadalajara was founded in 1993 by a group of professional and non-professional individuals interested in providing a non-profitable service to our community, in a time when our country was experiencing a deep economic crisis where many people had to face important losses in their lives. Our mission is to help people overcome fear, conflict and separation that may come along with personal crisis; these may be represented by illness, social crisis or psychological trauma. We expand our services to other non-profitable organizations such as hospitals, hospices, prisons and medical students. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

1. Grieving Process Counseling
2. Attitudinal Healing Support Groups (Adults & Children)
3. Workshops
4. Conferences
5. Support to other non-profit associations

Contact Information

Luz Elena Aguirre
Juan Palomar y Arias 444 Frac. Monraz, Guadalajara, Mexico 44680


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