Blu-Sil Business Training Solutions


Blu-Sil Business Training Solutions


Mumtaz Sunderji commenced Blu-Sil in 1996 and conducted many workshops in Attitudinal Healing Principles, including traveling to Aga Khan Hospital Karachi as a consultant in 1998 to conduct workshops in Attitudinal Healing, negotiation skills and Emotional Intelligence.

School programs, including “Power to Choose” - a 11 weeks School Program, and Community Centres for the youth

“Intellect and Brain Power” - A program for the Business Corporate structure

“I Can Do It” - a program for the adult below 65 and elderly over 65 population, who through the use of the positive thinking and understanding to choose peace verses conflict, learning to forgive, and applying the tools provided to enhance their life by changing their minds and changing their life to a positive life style (thus decreasing the dependency of medication and illnesses and aging peacefully and gracefully)

“New Visions” - Attitudinal Healing for the immigrants to increase their level of self confidence and cope with the new country, and meet their needs through the tools provided through the program, which will assist them in changing their life, by changing their mind

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