Attitudinal Healing Centre Uganda


Attitudinal Healing Centre Uganda


The Uganda Center, founded by Senfuma Moses, combines Employment Education, Attitudinal Healing and Respect for Nature.

Before he was introduced to Attitudinal Healing in 2017, Senfuma supported youth in his community through technical training and employment readiness programs. In 2017, he integrated Attitudinal Healing into his life skills programs and began operating in the Wakiso District as the “Centre for Attitudinal Healing Uganda.

In only one year, Senfuma dramatically expanded his programs and now operates both urban and rural centers that serve children, youth, adults and elders. In March 2018, “Attitudinal Counseling and Healing Society, Uganda” obtained official NGO status to operate throughout Uganda.

Attitudinal Healing and facilitator training are popular additions to the technical curriculum in the urban center. In rural areas, a program called “Nature’s Wisdom Gateway Farm Project” is being developed on a two-acre eucalyptus plantation provided by a government forest reserve. The Nature’s Wisdom project offers a variety of exciting outdoor activities, farming education, bee keeping, healthy cooking and nature walks using Attitudinal Healing as a vehicle for promoting tolerance, forgiveness, positive attitudes, self-esteem and inner peace. A rural school program engages students, teachers and parents in Attitudinal Healing as well as the Nature’s Wisdom projects.

As the word spreads from community to community, Senfuma and his team are receiving more and more requests for AH workshops and educational programs. Because they are apolitical and embrace all people regardless of age or religion, their work is in high demand in many sectors of the community.

Attitudinal Healing workshops and trainings, Wisdom Gateway Farm Project, Attitudinal Integrated Forest Therapy

Contact Information

Senfuma Moses
D.T.M. Institute SS Plaza 4th floor E12 Nasser Road Kampala, Uganda


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