Attitudinal Healing Center – Mongolia


Attitudinal Healing Center – Mongolia


Undarlaa Battogtokh introduced Attitudinal Healing into Mongolia in 2010, hosting AH Founders Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione in their first visit to the country. Thanks to Ulzii Saikhan and Tseika Badam, AH is still thriving in Mongolia. For the past 11 years this dynamic duo has shared Attitudinal Healing through workshops and support groups for police-officers, social workers, medical professionals, artists and children throughout Ulaanbaatar through their NGO called “Happiness Education.”

Youth programs, art programs, support groups for medical professionals and parents of children with cancer.

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Tsetsegbadam Batbayay and Ulzi Saikhan
Ulaanbaatar-14250 Post office-44 Post box-108 Mongolia


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