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2021 marks the sixteen year of Attitudinal Healing Japan. We are enjoying our experiments learning to let go of fear in every aspect of our lives.

We have developed several ways to disseminate Attitudinal Healing in rural areas, including AH Support Groups on Skype and “safer” workshops for those who have concern about confidentiality issues. We are glad to be so flexible.

We are exploring ways to give training without any hierarchy, trying to develop more organic forms of Attitudinal Healing rather than having formal and official structures. It is stimulating to facilitate AH groups without any motivation to change others, and we find it even more interesting to give training in that way.

It is easy to become a teacher when you give training to others, but we are trying to let go of that attitude, so the role of teacher and student continues to change, while taking quality control issues into account. We are discussing ways to focus primarily on our own inner peace, which would surely guarantee the quality of the training, even when the participants want to view us as teachers.

We prefer letting go of any form that limits the Attitudinal Healing community itself, and we are willing to experiment with various forms using the Attitudinal Healing Principles and perspective.

AH Japan offers AH support groups via zoom and skype and in locations throughout Japan. Online groups have been held daily during the Covid pandemic.

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Hiroko Mazushima M.D., Ph.D., Founder


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