Beijing AH Mental Health Service Center

Beijing AH Mental Health Service Center


Beijing AH Mental Health Service Center

Please visit for all information about Attitudinal Healing in China and the online training.

Beijing AH Mental Health Service Center (Beijing AH) is a non-profit organization approved by Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau. Beijing AH holds the belief that attitudes play a vital role in one’s emotional state and life experience. Beijing AH aims to help people experience peace of mind, strengthen their personal and professional relationships and enhance their quality of life.

Through peer support groups in 40 locations throughout China, and online, we apply the twelve Principles of Attitudinal Healing in daily life to train our minds to be more peaceful. In a non-judgmental, fully accepting and safe environment, we explore our own emotions and thoughts; healing ourselves and supporting others to heal.

Since 2013, Beijing AH has hosted annual Attitudinal Healing workshops and trainings in cities throughout China. In 2017, we are launching a Rural Teacher Training Program to introduce the Power to Choose Youth Program to 600 rural teachers. The Power to Choose program empowers students to make healthy choices and provides practical tools for reducing stress and increasing peace of mind in their daily lives. Currently, thirty AH facilitators are participating in a 3-year Trainer Training Program in order to expand access to Attitudinal Healing in all areas of the country.

Please visit for more information about Attitudinal Healing in China, the location of Peer Support and WeChat groups, Attitudinal Healing trainings and workshops, and volunteer opportunities.

Officers of Beijing AH:
General Director: Liu Sumei (Emily)
Vice Director: Fu Ping (Ping)
Supervisor: Sun Yan (Larissa)
Administrator: Grace

Council Members:
Liu Xiang (Panda)
Miao Mingfei (Miao)
Nihui (Nicole)
Cheng Xiaohui (Elsa)

Grace at [email protected]
Liu Sumei (Emily) at [email protected]

Tuesday, 17 July 2018 by Administrator
July 10-11, 2018: Trainer Training in Beijing, China
July 13-15, 2018: Introduction to Attitudinal Healing in Beijing, China
July 20-22, 2018: Introduction to Power to Choose in Beijing, China
Please contact Grace Zhang at [email protected] with questions about any of the above on-site trainings.