MO: Attitudinal Healing St. Louis

MO: Attitudinal Healing St. Louis

Attitudinal Healing — St. Louis, Missouri

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"We are Attitudinal Healing St. Louis. Our vision is to build a community where we are inspired to live a life of love-based thinking, choosing peace over conflict, compassion over indifference, and love over fear in all aspects of our daily lives."

Center Board Members:

  • Julie Morreale, President
  • Corinne Esneault, Vice President and Secretary
  • Carole Glauser, Treasurer

Julie Morreale and Corinne Esneault began facilitating Attitudinal Healing groups in early 2011. Carole Glauser began facilitating Attitudinal Healing groups with Julie and Corinne in 2014. The primary focus is on the healing power of love, forgiveness and one-ness. This transformation occurs through ordinary people in extraordinary support groups.

Participants meet once a week for 10 weeks where they read, study, share and apply the 12 principles of Attitudinal Healing found in Gerald Jampolsky's book Teach Only Love. The groups provide a safe place where trained facilitators support individuals as they learn to shift their thoughts from fear to love, in a confidential and caring environment.

Attitudinal Healing International | The Journey

We offer:


10 week Educational and Application Series of the Principles of Attitudinal Healing. Trained facilitators teach and support group members during weekly meeting. Ongoing Monthly Support meetings that focus on the practical application of Attitudinal Healing principles. Individual counseling support.


Attitudinal Healing - St. Louis is pleased to share their Guide to Attitudinal Healing in the form of a PDF document. Other Centers are welcome to study and/or utilize this particular model as a study guide or template for learning and practicing Attitudinal Healing, either individually or in a group. Click here to download the St. Louis Guide to Attitudinal Healing.


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