Cameroon Center for Attitudinal Healing

Cameroon Center for Attitudinal Healing

Cameroon Center for Attitudinal Healing

African Tasha Abdou so much wanted to participate in the Attitudinal Healing facilitator training in the Netherlands, he tried desperately for two years to get a visa to be able to travel there: in vain. So Els Thissen offered to bring the training to his home country, Cameroon, helped by Emilia van Leent.

Since Els Thissen had made herself completely available to accommodate Tasha's wishes, this resulted in a three-day facilitator-training, facilitating several AH-groups and several workshops, one of them in a home for the handicapped. Also Tasha and Els were interviewed on a popular nationwide television program, sharing the work of Attitudinal Healing in Cameroon.

For four years, the Cameroon Center for Attitudinal Healing has successfully led groups of 14-18 year olds through the Power to Choose program in Doula at the Government Bilingual High School Deido. Each year several participants from the group volunteer to participate in a Facilitator Training. The training provides the students with an introduction to facilitation so they can return the following year and serve as Youth Facilitators.

One participant, Kunchuh Augustina shared, "This program has given me the tools to tackle all my worries and problems. It has helped me to develop a leadership spirit of always wanting to bring solutions, not problems to people issues. It has also encouraged me to better make good and favorable decisions or choices. In fact, the Power to Choose program has helped me in uncountable ways."

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Founder: Tasha Abdou

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“I really like that Soliya targets the youth who are the change-makers and protagonists for a better world.  We are here to serve more than to be served; hurting each other in any way is hurting ourselves.”
 Facilitator, CAMEROON

TANGUNU ABDOU TASHA, the co-founder and executive director of the Cameroon Center for Attitudinal Healing, has served the Soliya community as a facilitator since 2016.  In doing so, he has shared and expanded upon his grassroots efforts in Douala, Cameroon, to instill in high school-aged students the leadership skills that are paramount in our shared vision for the rising generation.  Through the lessons of his “Power to Choose” program, Tasha reminds us of our agency as individuals across the socioeconomic spectrum and the infinite possibilities that come from collaboration.