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MI: Metro Detroit Center for Attitudinal Healing - Michigan

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The Center offers learning opportunities and support systems that guide individuals, families, organizations and communities in making choices that lead to powerful experiences of Peace Love and Unity.

It was 1990 when Laurie Pappas met Mark Roby, two people in the Detroit area who had traveled, separately, to California to learn about Attitudinal Healing from Dr. Jerry Jampolsky. Soon after, while the two of them sat in a little coffee shop, the Metro Detroit Center for Attitudinal Healing (MDCAH) was born. They started with a support group in a small church and have expanded to 5 weekly free Personal Growth / Support Groups, all with volunteer support. They are held out in the community at a hospital, 2 churches, a synagogue, and a room in a business. MDCAH also offers classes in many topics related to the 12 AH Principles such as Introduction to Attitudinal Healing, inner healing of relationships, as well as forgiveness and meditation, and more.

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MDCAH has social activities such as the Sunday Movie Party where we watch a movie that relates to our principles then have a discussion. There are lunches at pizza restaurants and we celebrate the Chinese New Year each year. For 21 years we have had our Annual Luncheon, an Afternoon Retreat, with delicious food, as we honor our volunteers and present a Volunteer of the Year award to someone who has supported the efforts of our Center over time. This person might be a group facilitator or a volunteer who has helped with events, or offered technical support.

Out in our community we are networking with organizations and handing out Dr. Jampolsky’s Love is Letting Go of Fear books. We also have had our “Babes and Books” program to collect baby and toddler food and books then take those bags of goodies to non-profit food banks. The Heartbeat Brief is our monthly e-Newsletter that goes out to 200-300 emails which highlights one of the 12 AH Principles each month along with a list of our groups, events, etc.

Besides the personal donations we receive we have an annual Walk-a-thon and our annual “Garage Sale” which is supported by many, many people, which has been a big fundraiser!


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Tuesday, 23 October 2018 by Administrator

Can we really choose to be peaceful no matter what?  Really?  Is my only goal inner peace?  This is the ultimate goal of Attitudinal Healing (AH).  Inner peace comes from knowing that we have the POWER to CHOOSE our attitude in any situation.  We do have that power!  Did you know that?

I have already told you about a story of being with a “boyfriend” on a New Year’s Eve at his place and he got angry with me for what I perceived as a simple question I asked.  I was devastated that New Year’s was ruined and I went into a bedroom and cried; I was in my worldly, ego-based, fear place.  Even though I was a pretty new student of AH, I soon realized I could “choose peace instead of this” stress and disappointment.

We bring peace to any situation when we bring a peaceful mind, which comes from love, so I changed my focus to my loving God, asked for help, and felt peace.  So now I got a second chance to go back to my friend (realizing Principle #12 as well…that he was giving a call for help/love) and I came from a place of understanding and love with him now.  (Also, I determined my boundaries for the evening as I have a right to do, from a loving place, for myself.)  He became calm and loving and we had a good evening together as I gave up the “past” hour and lived in the moment.  I chose to be peaceful “in the now”, instead of being “right” and staying angry and disappointed.  I have had many situations to practice this principle in my life in the past few years.

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