Circle - The Center for Attitudinal Healing - Moscow

Circle - The Center for Attitudinal Healing - Moscow

Circle - The Center for Attitudinal Healing

To provide psychological help to people experiencing difficult life situations and to spread knowledge aimed at harmonizing the inner life of people and society.

“Circle” was founded in 1994 by Carolyn Smith and Kathy Harris of the Tiburon/Sausalito center and Tatyana Ignashova, the first executive director of "Circle." Carolyn and Kathy were recipients of a USAID grant which funded the first two years of the Moscow center’s existence. They hired staff and provided training in attitudinal healing and the facilitation of support groups.

Since 1995 “Circle” has been self-sustaining. Twice it has received the Jampolsky Award for outstanding projects in Attitudinal Healing. Irina Kossova has been "Circle’s" director since 1997.

The Level 1 Attitudinal Healing Facilitator Training was organized and coordinated by the largest Russian AIDS service organization,AIDS-Infoshare. The workshop was facilitated by Carolyn Smith, co-founder of the Moscow CAH,and Joe Kerry, former board president of the ICAH, Sausalito, California.

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Telephone Number:
(+7-495) 311-9600

Contact Person:
Irina Kossova

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