Choose Again Society Retreat Center - Costa Rica

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Choose Again Society Retreat Center - Costa Rica

"Choose Again Society - Costa Rica Retreat Center"

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The Choose Again Center is a place where the Self can be reborn in safety and in peace. It is a place for people who are yearning for a deeper experience of peace and joy in their life. It is a place for people who say: there simply has to be a better way.

Some will come to the Choose Again Retreat Center because nothing else has worked and they see the center as a ‘last resort’. Some others have been on a spiritual journey for some time and for them the center will be a wondrous respite.

We focus on who you think you are. Who you think you are is just a set of beliefs. You can change when you are ready and motivated to do so. We use the Principles of Attitudinal Healing and teach effective core belief correction methods which will change your life in a profound way. We do not teach behavior modification. If you practice what you learn at the center you will change your life forever.
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