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CorStone Center for Personal Resilience

CorStone Center for Personal Resilience

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CorStone provides children, families, and communities with the training, tools and techniques that foster personal resilience for challenge, crisis, or hardship. The goal is to develop and support emotional resilience – the ability to function competently, powerfully and peacefully under stress.

Emotional resilience reinforces people’s confidence that they can help themselves and others. It enables individuals, families and communities to face challenges, develop and maintain a positive attitude, make healthful choices, and solve problems on every scale.

CorStone works toward a world that chooses love over fear, compassion over indifference, and forgiveness over blame in the face of crisis.

CorStone develops and supports emotional resilience in children, families and communities to better deal with challenge, conflict or crisis.

CorStone\\\'s Girls First!, a five-year initiative to empower adolescent girls and young women in India, a program to provide needed skills and training to improve mental and physical health, educational outcomes, and self-sufficiency.

Formerly a Center for Attitudinal Healing, in 2008 we changed our name to CorStone. Our goal is to build upon our history and past successes while also applying other low cost/high impact, accessible, and scalable evidence-based methods, interventions and support systems to vulnerable individuals and communities in the U.S. and abroad. In our aspiration to become a leading provider of emerging systems, programs, research and best practices aimed at dealing with conflict and crisis, we wanted our name to reflect the full range of expertise we offer.

The name CorStone is derived from “Cor” which is Latin for “heart,” and “Stone,” which connotes a strong base or foundation – as in “a strong foundation for the heart.\\\" For us, this concept perfectly captures the notion of emotional resilience. It also reflects our continued commitment to innovation and best practices in mental and community health, social-emotional learning, and communication skills development.

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