x: Attitudinal Healing Group - Rwanda

x: Attitudinal Healing Group - Rwanda

The process of healing continues day by day in the twenty years since the tragic genocide in Rwanda. David Owasu, founder of AH Kumasi in Ghana, traveled to Rwanda last year and introduced Attitudinal Healing to a group of friends in Kigali. After hearing about David’s experiences, Mark Pluckton immediately contacted Attitudinal Healing International for support and guidance to begin the process of bringing Attitudinal Healing (AH) to Rwanda as a tool for healing the deep wounds that remain in the wake of the country’s historic conflicts. They are now working towards AH being integrated as an integral part of the annual commemoration ceremonies in 2016.
In less than one year, the AH Rwanda team has completed the Attitudinal Healing online trainings, formed a Board of Directors and submitted  an application to be recognized as an official NGO in Rwanda. After receiving as mall grant from AHI, the team wasted no time in organizing two days of introductory Attitudinal Healing seminars in Musanzi, a community located two-hours by bus from Kigali. They were amazed by the response. In four two-hour seminars, translated into the local language, presenters introduced 350 participants to the history and Principles of Attitudinal Healing, focusing on forgiveness.
The AH Rwanda team is working hard to raise funds to print the AH Principles in local languages and to rent an office space where interested community members can meet and learn more about Attitudinal Healing.

As a fund-raising project, they are designing T-shirts with the AH Principles, and “night clothes” with AH quotes to promote communication within the family.


Contact Person: Mark Pluckton

Email: [email protected]

Skype: pluckton mark

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