Attitudinal Healing Pakistan

Attitudinal Healing Pakistan

Nishan Foundation

is a Government of Pakistan registered commercial organization. Our belief is that, with an attitude of humility, we are better able to develop inward serenity. Nishan Foundation’s subsidiary named Nishan Center deals as a drug addiction and Attitudinal Healing Facility, where people recover their lives, get freedom from addiction, compulsive behaviors, mental disorders, depression, marital problems and the difficult effects of lack of career counseling. We are following 12 step model (Minnesota Model) of drug addiction treatment. We assure that the path for a prosperous living begins at Nishan.

Organizational Description:
Our vision is to create a relaxed, compassionate environment where teens and adults from diverse backgrounds and all sort of social-economic standings can feel safe, secure, supported and strong in dealing with challenging life issues.

Organizational Components: Our unique treatment method, centered on holistic patient care and aversion therapy, has proven successful for thousands of people. Our staff of highly trained and certified medical professionals. The key to Nishan’s method lies within the examination and treatment of the patient’s mind, bringing the patient to a feeling of indifference towards the addictive substance, ultimately leading to a complete aversion or loathing.

Nishan assists by giving:
Drug & Alcohol Education, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, Parenting Education, Family Therapy, Domestic Violence Classes, Anti Terrorism Behavioral Therapy, Anger Management Classes, Relapse Prevention, 12 Step Meetings & More

One of the most prolific health issues today is that of attitudinal healing, depression and anxiety. With life becoming much more hectic, and the demands of society growing, it is no wonder that many people have a hard time coping, and succumb to depression. Managing attitude and overcoming depression and anxiety is possible with the proper treatment from the Nishan Clinic.

Nishan looks at other factors in your life before diagnosing depression and anxiety. Instead, we must first rule out other factors which may be causing symptoms of depression, but not actually causing the condition itself. Several things can affect an individual’s mood, including drug interactions and hypothyroidism.

Once outside factors have been analyzed and eliminated as the problem, Nishan will focus on treatment. In order to find the anti depression treatments which will work best for you, it is necessary to look at the different options available, and which decide which ones have the best fit for your situation. Treatments for depression exist in several forms, which make it possible for Nishan to create a plan that has a high chance of success. Nishan includes a variety of proven methods such as therapy, medication, diet and exercise to provide lasting relief from depression and anxiety.

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