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A Saturday of Community Building Through Mindful Drumming

In honor of Black History Month, Kokomon Clottey lead an Annual Mindful Drumming experience for Community Healing at Attitudinal Healing Connection. The Event was a transformative process that offered individuals the opportunity to heal ancient wounding and to forgive through the nonverbal process of rhythm and sound. Participants experienced the natural richness that drumming brings to the heart. Through the synchronistic drumming, it was clear that everyone present experienced joy and any issues that came up were addressed in a communal manner.

Kokomon described that the afternoon was "attended by diverse cultures" and the participants "exhibited high energy, resulting in letting go of the past, releasing stress and igniting happiness". He said that half of them had never drummed before and that none wanted to leave. They "expressed strong interest in attending a quarterly Mindful Drumming Workshop", recommending that the annual occasion be made more frequent.

If you have any questions or interest in scheduling a Mindful Drumming Workshop, please call us at 510.652.5530 or email us at [email protected].

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