Centre for Forgiveness and Attitudinal Healing - South Africa
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Group Guidelines for Centre for Forgiveness and Attitudinal Healing


Group Guidelines for Centre for Forgiveness and Attitudinal Healing

  1. 1)  Admit that the essence of each and every one is Love. Begin to respect and honour that as it reminds us of our equal value.

  2. 2)  See that we need not be occupied with past diseases of struggle, argument and war.

  3. 3)  The true art to find peace, is in listening inwardly and so also to others.

  4. 4)  If we know and experience our own compassion, we could also extend that to knowledge

    others who can experience the same.

  5. 5)  We are here only to heal ourselves and not to change anybody else.

  6. 6)  We share our own experience and expose our emotions, to find common ground.

  7. 7)  We understand that each one has a unique personal process to go through and our

    judgment of theirs is not needed. Our listening to understand is.

  8. 8)  We are only teachers and students of each other and these roles are constantly switching.

    No one can change anyone else but everyone can choose to change.

  9. 9)  The main purpose is achieving the common goal of inner peace inside ourselves.

  10. 10)  Clear and truthful communication is the way to find that common ground.

  11. 11)  There is in every moment this choice between peace and conflict.

  12. 12)  We treat what others say as confidential.


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