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Thoughts from Carolyn Smith on the China 2015 Training

At the end of day 2 of the “intro to AH” workshop we broke the participants into groups of 4 and gave them some time to talk with each other about the most important things they were getting from the workshop. then a spokesperson from each group reported to everyone. i took notes. here’s what they said:

The principles teach us not to fear death. When someone dear to us dies, the love for that person remains in our heart forever.

This workshop is a golden opportunity to practice. It teaches us many practical methods to improve our lives. Non-judgmental communication helps us keep channels of communication open.

The four people in our group named listening, choice, communication skills and essence as their most important take-aways. Because the focus of our attention determines the quality of our life, we should focus on positive things. While we shared with each other, we practiced listening to feel the flow of love between us.

We feel we are beginning to understand how to apply the principles in our lives. We want to connect and listen to our inner guidance.

Of the four people in our group, two said that learning to say “stop, stop, stop” to judgmental voices in their heads was the most important thing they learned. The other two said being is a good listener is really important, and using good communication skills will help us reduce conflict. We realize we can only change ourselves, not others.

Everyone in our group of four opened their heart to share with each other. The formula for skillful communication is very helpful. We realized that many things we have long believed aren’t true so we have to question the messages we listen to. When the voice of judgment starts in our head, we can say “stop, stop, stop.” This helps us soften, so we can go to our heart and allow our inner wisdom to surface.

Everyone in our group liked the listening skills we're learning.

We liked the communication and listening skills. If we can listen attentively, we open our hearts and get a new way of seeing the world. When we listen to another, we also get wiser ourselves. Positive communication can release emotions without hurting others, and we can build better relationships.

Everyone in our group liked listening the best. We all have problems listening and we’ve all made progress in this workshop by practicing what we’re learning. Last night after dinner I was talking with friends. At one point I wanted to interrupt a friend and give her some advice but I caught myself and just listened. Yesterday I had some confusion in my mind but was able to clear it up. I’m beginning to find answers on my own. I’m making many new discoveries.

another piece of feedback we got came from eno, a psychologist who’s been leading an AH support group in beijing for awhile. he’s been to plenty of other workshops, and said that ours had the lowest cost and highest quality.

so i think we have every reason to say that the workshops were a success and people learned a lot of things they can use to change their minds and lives! i know all 3 of us feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be there and be part of it.

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