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Principle # 12 - how it changed my life...

# 12

 “We can always perceive others as either loving or fearful and giving a call of help for love”


The 12th Principle of Attitudinal Healing touched the core of my being, in 1996, when I first read it.


Every night I would settle my mum for bed, make sure she is comfortable, before I would go to sleep at about 3 in the morning.


That night in 1996, I read all the 12 Principles of AH earlier. One Principle that became meaningful to me was the 12th Principle. My mum would wake up most night about 20 -30 minutes after I settle her and make her comfortable for the night, the last round for turning her and ensure that she is comfortable would commence at 2 AM. Which may last till 6 AM, when I would turn her again and make her comfortable.  Most night when she would call I would be in deep RAM sleep and would reply her through the baby monitor to find out what she would like. Sometimes it required me to assist her in person. This was almost every night for many months now.


This night and 1996 was a very different night…I had made up my mind that I would go to her, immediately, smilingly and would be very cheerful and then ask her what was the matter. As I went to her room, these questions came though in my mind – “is she asking for love?” Or is “she afraid?”


As I asked her what was the matter, , she looked at me, happy to see me so cheerful and stated, “ I am afraid”. My heart went out to her, and I decided to stay with her until she fell asleep. So I pulled the chair and mentioned to her if she would like the light on and if I could sit by her till she fell asleep, to which she said “yes”, to both these questions.  It was less than 5 minutes and she was sound asleep, with me holding her hand.


The beautiful thing about this whole episode was she never woke up any nights after that, as she felt secure from the love I had shown her when I replied her.  That,  I felt was the power of love.


Has anyone been through any Principles that have affected them or their significant others or any members of your family?  I would love to hear from you.

Discussion started by Mumtaz Sunderji , on 2249 days ago
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