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Tuesday, 14 May 2019 by Administrator

We want to celebrate with you our 10th Anniversary!

On May 13, 2009, a healing group of Attitudinal Healing was opened for the first time in Santo Domingo, with the help of Rdo. Father Marciano García OCD who knew this tool through the book Love Is Letting Go Of Fear, whose author is Gerard Jampolsky (co-founder of Attitudinal Healing).

I had the joy and opportunity to be personally invited to this group by Father Marciano in 2011 and I have been attending all these years.

In 2012, after the visit of Jampolsky and his wife Diane Cirincione, with Carlos and Lucero Aguirre from Cecura Guadalajara, to give a conference to more than 500 people and the first facilitator workshop, I started my service as director of the center at the request of Jampolsky.

That same year a representation from Cecura Santo Domingo made up of Angela Rodriguez and myself traveled to Guadalajara, Mexico to participate in 3 days of training with Aeeshah and Kokomon Clottey of Attitudinal Healing Connection, Oakland.

We had the opportunity to invite them to Santo Domingo and it became a reality in 2013, giving two extraordinary workshops and giving support at a crucial moment in Cecura, since Father Marciano had decided to retire.

From that moment, the transformation of Cecura began, becoming an NGO in 2014, the year in which we traveled to San Francisco, CA to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Attitudinal Healing worldwide. I had the opportunity to be invited as an international panelist representing Cecura Santo Domingo.

We won one of the Jampolsky Awards (US $ 4,000) that are awarded to the centers whose programs are successful and with that prize we opened our location in 2016.

From 2009-2014 Cecura was operating in the Institute of Spirituality, where Father Marciano lived, and at homes of group members, being from 2014-2016 in my mother's house. For a long time Cecura's office was in my dining room.

All this time we have facilitated people to free themselves from fear, conflict and guilt through the principles of AH programs such as:
- Healing Groups (we have 3 active groups)
- AH training  (14 weeks program to internalize the principles of CA)
- Training of Attitude Healing Facilitator (12-week program to train facilitators of healing groups)
- Growth Encounters (monthly talks / workshops by collaborators)
- Conscious Reading Club (space dedicated to the reading of books by our main author, Jampolsky, and books related to AH)
- * COMING SOON *: Project ELIGE, pilot plan to work with men in the knowledge and management of their emotions as prevention of gender violence

The most important thing is that all these activities have been the space for hundreds of people to have known and practiced AH.

Cecura Santo Domingo is a channel of peace and transformation that with the blessing of the Spirit will continue to expand its message.

For my part, I want to acknowledge especially the unconditional support of Alma Gonzalez who is in charge of the center's activities, to the board formed by Kenia Chalas, Margarita Beato, Nelcy Jimenez, Alma Gonzalez and me. To Angela Rodríguez my mother, who has been present since the beginning and has supported me like a mother only knows how to do, Luis Santana, Blanca Clemente, Janet Clemente, Fernanda Catalina Vargas, Aristides Sánchez, Victor Tío, who at the time, (some are still active) has been an important part in the growth of this Center.

Thank you, those who attend the groups, who share and expand the message of Cecura, to open their hearts and heal, grow as disciples and teachers of one another.

Thanks to Jerry Jampolsky, Diane Cirincione, Trish Ellis, Carlos and Lucero Aguirre, Aeeshah and Kokomon Clottey and all AH International members for your support, love and for believing in us. Thanks for continuously being my teachers.

Today is a great day to celebrate the essence of our been is love and love is eternal.


Zaidy Di Franco
President/E. D. Cecura Santo Domingo

Written on Monday, 13 May 2019

Wednesday, 15 May 2013 by Administrator