Peace Of Mind And Miracles! (a blog by Susan Thiem)

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Can we really choose to be peaceful no matter what?  Really?  Is my only goal inner peace?  This is the ultimate goal of Attitudinal Healing (AH).  Inner peace comes from knowing that we have the POWER to CHOOSE our attitude in any situation.  We do have that power!  Did you know that?

I have already told you about a story of being with a “boyfriend” on a New Year’s Eve at his place and he got angry with me for what I perceived as a simple question I asked.  I was devastated that New Year’s was ruined and I went into a bedroom and cried; I was in my worldly, ego-based, fear place.  Even though I was a pretty new student of AH, I soon realized I could “choose peace instead of this” stress and disappointment.

We bring peace to any situation when we bring a peaceful mind, which comes from love, so I changed my focus to my loving God, asked for help, and felt peace.  So now I got a second chance to go back to my friend (realizing Principle #12 as well…that he was giving a call for help/love) and I came from a place of understanding and love with him now.  (Also, I determined my boundaries for the evening as I have a right to do, from a loving place, for myself.)  He became calm and loving and we had a good evening together as I gave up the “past” hour and lived in the moment.  I chose to be peaceful “in the now”, instead of being “right” and staying angry and disappointed.  I have had many situations to practice this principle in my life in the past few years.

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