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AHC at the Mayoral Inauguration - January 2015

Wednesday, 04 March 2015

Attitudinal Healing Connection was asked to be a part of the Mayor's Inauguration earlier this month at American Steel Studios! AHC was honored to bring interactive art, meaningful dialogue and a community building performance of Mindful Drumming to open Libby Schaaf's address. AHC's impact on the event was powerful, as it brought community together through the power of art, honest discussion via the creation of a safe space, and set a respectful and united tone for the welcoming of the new mayor.

Children and youth were quick to jump right in to paint a part of the Super Heroes depicted over Oakland's downtown high-rises. This community art piece captures the essence and energy of the event, having had many hands on it and contributions from those who passed by. Adults, meanwhile, were able to participate in a conversation cafe about things needing change in the Oakland community, solutions on how to bring about those changes, and building a sense of community stretching across generation divides and color lines.

AHC will continue to bring community voices and healing opportunities to the table, as it has done for over 25 years now. AHC gives gratitude to the community and Libby Schaaf for involving us in her initial reach out to the public as mayor.

Check out photos from the event in the Inauguration photo album! We will keep you posted as to where the artwork will be located.