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An Update After the National Arts Festival in South Africa

Thursday, 05 June 2014

During the recent National Arts Festival which was held about 40 kms West from De Rust, they included a peripheral activity as a test - and my house and ecological life style was advertised. I had to give five talks a day, consisting of five subjects (each talk for about 12 minutes) and then coffee and tea and sun baked rusks. Well, I met so many people and earned good money, but was I exhausted at the end of the week!

That has brought me more interest in AH and of course in life style changes for a more natural way without common habitual medicine. I am enjoying that and it gives insight and opportunity to serve through presenting AH principles. One client was a Psychiatrist from Cape town and he was so very interested as if he heard of this approach for the first time. He left without his hat ... I am looking for meaning as I am so aware of the hats or headdresses people wear.. it is so important for them from the nuns to the Jewish priests to the Americans with their caps and the uniformed men and women. And he forgot his specially shaped hat!!!

Every one that now comes to me to reFormat their minds and reFresh their hearts through their Feet and Fingers (My method through ReFlexology on hands and feet) get a dose of recommended lifestyle adjustments and of course one AH principle with every visit.

De Rust is hosting an Ecofestival starting 24th September, and once again without input from me, the organizers put me on top of the list for talks (of my choice this time) at my home during the festival over four days in September. Another opportunity to serve with love (above the needs of self). So it is going wonderfully well with us here in the Klein Karoo.

Interesting that we have a second group starting now in Steytlerville only since last week. The first group lost its members to different parts of the country but there it is, restarting by itself. Steytlerville is about 250 kms from here and that is slap bang in the middle of the Eastern greater Karoo and is situated in a large game park.