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Next stop: Kenya! (Part 2)

Thursday, 05 June 2014

CorStone staff traveled to Kenya in January to meet with local community organizations and explore project opportunities for our youth programs.
In Kibera, the largest slum in Africa, we met with Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO), a community-based organization that runs Kibera's first fee-free school for girls and empowers local women through health and financial services. Nearby, we met with BasicNeeds UK-Kenya, a mental health organization providing services for urban and rural Kenyans throughout the country, including members of nomadic tribes, urban slum-dwellers, and rural farmers. And in Nyeri, a rural area near Mt. Kenya, we met with Caritas-Nyeri, which works to improve access to mental health treatment, provide support groups, and help those with mental illness become economically self-sufficient. There, we also met with Baraka Children's Centre and Peacebuilding School, a home and school for orphans and children vulnerable to orphanhood caused by HIV and violence.
The potential for a diverse and expansive reach in Kenya is truly inspiring. Our sincerest thanks to American filmmaker Abigail E. Disney for her generous support of the initial planning phase of this project!
We are actively seeking funding support for new projects serving at-risk youth in Kenya. Please consider a donation, or for more information please contact Steve at [email protected].