KKNK experience or “Hoe ons Heler leer leef.” How we learn to live more wholly.

Wednesday, 09 April 2014

The KKNK is the Annual Arts Festival for South Africans, THE Arts festival, (Klein Karooo National Kunstefees) as there are numerous copies of this magnificent affair all over the country. This recent festival was the 20th and they decided in their wisdom to include periferal activities around the town to give the visitors opportunity to do something else and interesting while waiting for the next event they would like to support. So our little town, De Rust, was included. And so was my Grass Bale house. My house was included as the perception exists that I live very naturally and in an ecological friendly way, not harming the planet or the environment. Well we all live naturally but most of the supporters of the festival have very little blood in their alcohol streams, they hunt and live hedonistically for pleasure spending their money which is welcome in this fairly poor region. I was challenged by this unusual opportunity and decided this is my chance to tell them about an Alternative Life Style and then include and invitation to A H. How else will they ever hear about it? To draw attention I used the house and life style and weaved AH into the middle with sitillness and attention.

The festival is conducted over seven (7) days so I planned one hour lectures on five equal hours during every day: that is at 08;00, 10;00, 12;00. 14;00 and 16;00. To lure them in I offered sun baked and dried rusks in a grass bale house in a permaculture garden with bees and birds. Most of it is so, except that my bees departed two days before the start of the festival and my place is too small for proper permaculture gardening. I do live a life style that is more “natural” I think with my strict natural food, raw food, fresh food and whole food mainly from the little garden. The house and garden is little in size but I have 17 fruit bearing trees and grow almost all types of veggies.

So the first day arrived and with great anticipation. I put a huge red flag up and a hand painted sign saying “Hoe ons heler leer leef”. The 08;00 lecture was only used four times and each time only by one person. The other periods were better supported except on the last day when I only had customers for the last period at 16;00. But it went well. I covered all my costs. I baked 700 rusks in the sun and dried them in the sun too. ALL asked for the recipe. (It may be included in here as well as it can be baked in any oven).

Every hour was spent as follows: The first 12 minutes was devoted to how I built my grass bale house. That was very interesting and most had questions and made notes.

The next 12 minutes was used to explained how I changed an old road surface and a heap of stones into a vegetable garden that does not use any fertilizer or insect poisons. And all the plants are very healthy. The dessert land looks like a sub-tropical forest with bananas and paw paw etc. It made a good impression.

The next 12 minutes was spent on our diet. Well that fired up all the ladies. We eat everything as natural as possible, as raw , whole and as fresh as possible from the garden. Of the 98 types of food most people eat, we only leave out meat, fish and eggs and we still have 95 types of food to enjoy. Most eyes stretched. Vegetarianism and Buddha statue in the garden!!!! Many questions followed which leaned towards the religions and the Bibles.

The next 12 minutes was then given to one AH principle each minute. –Almost one minute per principle except the first one, which was given more time. This made them QUIET, very still. I loved that. No questions, no one asking for copies, lots of praise at the end and then a BIG question “Can we make an appointment and come and talk to you more about THAT.” Well that is what I wanted to hear and I told them about the groups in Mossel Bay, in Cape Town and in Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth). So some good came out of it and my goal was achieved and I gave away a stack of Van HART TOT HART MAGAZINES printed by Els Thissen in the Netherlands..

The final 12 minutes of my talk was directed to farmers to be more friendly to the bees, and the land and the water and I told them about agri-radionics and field broadcasters. That also was received well with lots of enquiries afterwards. I said farming methods must change in this country and I pray that it will to stop the total destruction of the soil.

At the end of the week with 35 lectures behind my back plus my 79 summers, I collapsed in a pile and slept like a rock. Remember I also had to wash twenty cups and saucers, make coffee and tea, sweep the room and the path to the gate (autumn and grape leaves falling all the time) clean the toilet between every group. There was no time to sit doen and rest or do anything else. What a marathon it was for me. But at least AH is out there again to arty people mainly professors and doctors and teachers and some farmers....So we will see. They all have the email address of AH international and mine and those of some other practitioners in the sourthern Cape and some will read what Els wrote in Van Hart tot Hart..

With love from Pieter Smit