Introduction to Attitudinal Healing Training, Online

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January 14, 2015    What is Attitudinal Healing?

An overview of the 4-part course, a brief history of Attitudinal Healing, and an introduction to the Principles and Guidelines of Attitudinal Healing. Participants explore applications of Attitudinal Healing in daily life through interactive exercises and discussion.
January 21, 2015    Authentic Presence & Empathic Listening

Introduction to three Attitudinal Healing core concepts: Essential Nature, Authentic Presence and Empathic Listening. In this session, participants explore ways to experience and express essential nature while they learn and practice empathic listening, reflective statements and validation skills.
January 28, 2015    Seeing Differently: The Power to Choose

Participants are invited to deepen their awareness of the moment by moment choices in their lives, to investigate the choices that lead to peace and those that lead to conflict, and to identify the Attitudinal Healing Principles that can support a positive change in perspective.
February 4, 2015    Forgiveness as a Life Skill

In this final session of the webinar series, participants will investigate the core concept of Forgiveness. Through interactive exercises and group discussion, participants explore the meaning of forgiveness, common resistances to forgiveness, and Dr. Fred Luskin's 9 Steps to Forgiveness.

Participation in all four sessions of this on-line training satisfies the prerequisite for the Attitudinal Healing Facilitator Training.


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