Hawaii Center for Attitudinal Healing Prison Programs

Since 2004, the Hawaii Center has offered Attitudinal Healing programs in correctional facilities on Oahu, Kauai and Hawaii Island.  The Center is currently working directly with the Department of Public Safety to provide Attitudinal Healing workshops, support groups and the Power to Choose program for staff members, correctional officers, recently released women and women currently incarcerated at the Kailua correctional facility. For further information please contact: Vicky Schneider at [email protected]


Puente Grande Prison - Guadalajara

CECURA Guadalajara has also adapted Attitudinal Healing to create a 100-day program for addicted inmates in the Puente Grande Prison in Guadalajara. The program is a combination of Attitudinal Healing, Pastoral Counseling and Alcoholics Anonymous. Over the past nine years, about 1,500 inmates have successfully completed the program.

This program promises to be a model for other prisons. It has a sobriety success rate of approximately 70%, which is significantly higher than most known programs. For further information please contact: Dr. Carlos Aquirre at [email protected]


San Quentin Federal Prison

In the late 1970s an AH support group was founded by Dr. Gerald Jampolsky to offer psycho-social/spiritual tools for prisoners both long-term and getting ready for release. This support continues to this day and remains a model for other facilities. For further information please contact: Kathy Harris at [email protected].


Visions for Prisons

A non-profit prison ministry, founded by Dan Millstein, has used meditation and Attitudinal Healing as healing agents for prison inmates. For more than 10 years, the program helped make accessible the helpful tools for changing one’s mind, thinking, and attitude. This program was the 1995 International Jampolsky Award recipient.