Aids & Attitudinal Healing


Since its beginning in 1975, the members of the Attitudinal Healing International community have provided trainings and workshops in 55+ countries to thousands of adults, adolescents, and children facing life-threatening illness, conflict, challenges, and changes.


Centers and groups continued to emerge on five continents over the years. In 1982 just after AIDS was named, Attitudinal Healing became a part of the support for children, adolescents, and adults living with HIV/AIDS, their families, health care workers, and caregivers.

In 1986 Jerry and his now wife, Diane Cirincione, Ph.D. created with artist Jack Keeler the award winning poster of a drawing of a child with outstretched arms saying, “I Have AIDS – Please Hug Me – I Can’t Make You Sick.”

This image became the most effective face for AIDS work globally for the World Health Organization (WHO) who issued it to 142 countries and in 2008 designated it the ‘most effective AIDS education tool in addressing the psychological, social, and emotional needs surrounding the AIDS pandemic. That designation was the 60th Anniversary of WHO and the Attitudinal Healing Interntional's AIDS Poster was officially designated the most effective tool for AIDs education worldwide and became the permanent symbol of WHO's global outreach with AIDS.


Dr. Joe Kerry and Dr. Jerry Jampolsky discussing using the principles of AH in living with HIV/AIDS