AH Innovations educationYouth Programs
Since 1995, Attitudinal Healing Connection - Oakland's award-winning art and literacy program has helped develop creative, engaged and successful children/youth through building knowledge and emotional, social, academic and intellectual skills. Click here for more info.

ah innov good neighborGood Neighbor Programs
In 2009 Attitudinal Healing Connection - Oakland (AHC) began a partnership with the Oakland Housing Authority (OHA). AHC created and currently implements an exemplary curriculum for the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) and Public Housing clients through the Good Neighbor Program (GNP). Click here for more info.

ah innov mindfulDrumming horizMindful Drumming
Mindful Drumming is rooted in modern thought, Eastern Spiritual Principles, and Ancient Indigenous Wisdom. Drawing upon the twin concepts of rhythm and sound, AHC's Mindful Drumming program is a way to connect straight to the heart. Click here for more info.

ah innov retreatCommunity Health
Come experience an intensive three-day workshop at AHC that will strengthen your connection with your authentic soul through the art of dialogue, movement, drumming, and ritual. You will be immersed in indigenous wisdom from the Lakota and African traditions. Click here for more info.

ah innov projects forgivenessProjects AHI Supports
There are several projects worldwide that relate to Attitudinal Healing. We are proud to support these projects and look forward to bringing you more information about each one. Click here for more info.