Volver al Camino

ah innov volverFor a number of years, this program has provided support for people suffering personal loss, hardship and depression resulting from unemployment and widespread economic crisis in the society. Between 1998 and early 2001, nearly 30% of employed people in Argentina have lost their jobs, and persons over 40 are seldom able to find other employment. Through a month-long program called “Volver al Camino,” the Buenos Aires Center provides tools that help people to see themselves and their circumstances differently, to restore hope, and to regain self-esteem and inner peace. In many cases, program participants are able to apply their renewed inner strength to find new and creative ways to support themselves and their families, and to find peace and happiness even in the face of severe circumstances. The Volver al Camino Program was the recipient of the 2002 Jampolsky Award for Innovation.

For more information, please contact Program Director, Dr. Alberto Loizaga at Centro de Actitudes que Sanan - Buenos Aires. [email protected]   0054-9-11-4473-2372