Center for Integrative Health & Wellness

Greenbrae, California

Marin Health Hospital’s TAM Program, located in Greenbrae, California has been ongoing since 1993. The TAM (Total Atherosclerosis Management) Program is a comprehensive, scientifically based therapeutic approach to lifestyle change with the intention being to stop the progression of coronary heart disease and other vascular diseases. The core support group portion of the TAM Program is an Attitudinal Healing Support Group.

Over a 20-year period, the TAM Program graduated more than 800 individuals through 75 programs under the nurturing and careful guidance of Dr. Mark Wexman (Partner, Cardiovascular Associates of Marin). TAM’s unique design enables them to educate, empower, and motivate the individual to adopt new lifestyle habits in support of their recovery from or prevention of heart disease. Five-year follow-up data demonstrates that participants with known coronary artery disease who remained compliant with the program had remarkably high (88%) event-free status and further benefited with a 96 percent 5-year survival rate. This program is fee-based.

Costa Rica Choose Again Residential Program

Costa Rica

Retreat Center in Costa Rica focuses on who you think you are as a set of beliefs that you can change when you are ready and motivated to do so. Using the Principles of Attitudinal Healing and other methods, these retreats can change your life in a profound way.

The Choose Again Center is a place where the Self can be reborn in safety and in peace. It is a place for people who are yearning for a deeper experience of peace and joy in their life. It is a place for people who say: there simply has to be a better way.

Some will come to the Choose Again Retreat Center because nothing else has worked and they see the center as a ‘last resort’. Some others have been on a spiritual journey for some time and for them the center will be a wondrous respite.

Clients go to the center for personal growth and others have issues such as depression, anxiety, addictions or relationship problems. Anyone who wants to find more peace, happiness and joy in his lives will benefit from his stay at the center. Following are some typical profiles:

  • A couple on the verge of divorce
  • A workaholic executive
  • An exhausted single mother
  • A teenage high school drop-out
  • A therapist interested in expanding her methodology
  • A family desiring to have a more harmonious home life
  • A graduate from a detox program wishing to truly heal
  • A retired businesswoman in search of meaning in life after her career

We focus on who you think you are. Who you think you are is just a set of beliefs. You can change when you are ready and motivated to do so. We use the Principles of Attitudinal Healing and teach effective core belief correction methods which will change your life in a profound way. We do not teach behavior modification. If you practice what you learn at the center you can change your life forever.

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