There are several projects worldwide that relate to Attitudinal Healing. We are proud to support these inspired endeavors.

Hawai'i Forgiveness Project: Hawai'i International Forgiveness DayThe Hawai’i Forgiveness Project was started in 2002 by a diverse group of people in island society including Drs. Jampolsky and Cirincione of AHI who were instrumental in having the Governor declare Hawai’i the “State of Forgiveness.” More Info >

Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance: International Forgiveness DayThe Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance is a non-profit organization whose mission is to evoke the healing spirit of Forgiveness worldwide. Their vision is that "Forgiveness Is the Greatest Healer of Them All" (Dr. Gerald Jampolsky) and that "Without Forgiveness There Is No Future.” (Archbishop Desmond TuTu) More Info >

Jesse Lewis Choose Love MovementJesse Lewis Choose Love Movement is a charitable organization founded by Scarlett Lewis in honor of her son Jesse who was killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting. Choose Love's mission is to ensure that every child has access to Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in their classrooms and to help facilitate these teachings within families, schools, and communities. Shortly before he died, 6-year-old Jesse left a message on his family's kitchen chalkboard, "Nurturing, Healing Love." Scarlett has personally dedicated her life's work to sharing Jesse's message to make a positive impact on the world and by supporting the efforts of increasing the awareness and benefits of SEL by "Choosing Love." More Info >

The Hope ProjectThe Hope Project was started in 1975 with the aim of feeding starving children in a very poor neighborhood in New Delhi. Thirty five years later, it has grown into several facilities and services: a school that serves 600 children a day, a health clinic that provides HIV, pre-natal and gynecological care, as well as eye exams and healthcare for hundreds of families in the neighborhood. More Info >

Project GraceBeginning in 2008 Project Grace has organized and led service trips for grieving mothers, fathers and family members. Whether dancing with orphaned children in Tanzania, or helping in the construction of a school in Nicaragua, the goal is to help participants find strength, hope and a renewed sense of purpose through dedicating their time and hearts to a meaningful endeavor. More Info >

Architects of a New Dawn (AOAND)AOAND was a project inspired by Carlos Santana and created in partnership with Rick Lukens, Drs. Gerald Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione, with the goal of catalyzing a new global network, featuring uplifting and positive media content. The intention was to inspire, uplift, engage, and transform the global community through music and positive media, and help bring about a world where we choose peace over conflict and love over fear. More Info >

World Business AcademyThe World Business Academy is a non-profit business think tank and network of business and thought leaders. Their Mission is to inspire business to assume responsibility for the whole of society and assist those in business who share our values. More Info >

Unstoppable FoundationThe Foundations for Success curriculum was created in collaboration with the Unstoppable Foundation, a non-profit humanitarian organization bringing sustainable education to children and communities in developing countries, thereby creating a safer and more just world for everyone. Foundations for Success, based on Attitudinal Healing, is the first 12-week course in the 2-year Unstoppable Leadership and Empowerment program, that was offered at WE College in the Massai Mara in Kenya. More Info >

Tangible Hope FoundationTangible Hope Foundation (THF) is a nonprofit humanitarian organization committed to empowering and protecting young girls and women to break the cycle of poverty and create a thriving community by advancing their rights through education, sustainable development, basic medical care and nutrition. Thereby creating a generation of women who can lift the next generation of women out of poverty and into a vibrant life opportunity. More Info >

Starfish International, The Gambia, AfricaStarfish International works to empower Gambian girls by providing them with an advanced education that is focused on service to humanity, while at the same time providing international service-learning opportunities for our volunteers. Their vision is to establish a state of the art Academy of Excellence that will provide students an exceptional education from pre-school to graduate school. The five values and qualities highlighted in Starfish International are Nobility, Independence, Courtesy, Knowledge, and Service. More Info >

Search For Common GroundSearch for Common Ground is one of the world's largest non-profit organizations in conflict transformation. Keys to growth have been creativity, nimbleness and an unswerving vision of a transformed world - all reflected in the range of work which includes international TV and radio soap operas, peace-building computer games in Rwanda, multiethnic kindergartens in the Balkans, a News Service connecting the Muslim world and the West, peace songs in Africa, and Congressional Conversations on Race in the US. More Info >

The Milagro FoundationThe Milagro Foundation is a publicly supported foundation established by Carlos Santana and his family in 1998. Milagro benefits underserved and vulnerable children around the world by making grants to community based tax-exempt organizations that work with children in the areas of education, health and the arts. More Info >