ProAttitude’s training program provides the tools to end stress and expand higher order brain function to sustain people at the top of their game. The result is a person who can sustain the innovation, collaboration, and the strategic focus to succeed. The scientific basis supporting ProAttitude’s approach is definitive.

Developed by Don Gowey, the former Executive Director of the first Center for Attitudinal Healing, the training program is built on instructional design theory, making the training process experiential and interactive.

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Two Cores Programs


1. The Stress Solution

Maximizing the Brain at the Top of Your Game!

This eight-part tele-webinar facilitates the internal shift that transcends stress to sustain peak performance, and the interpersonal shift that generates the resonance to participate constructively and to lead effectively. Each session is an hour long, conducted over eight consecutive weeks.

2. Stress Buster

Achieving Your Best Day Every Day

This program focuses exclusively on the internal shift that transcends stress to sustain peak performance.


The Result This Approach Has Achieved


Below are the cumulative results ProAttitude has achieved over two years at Cisco Systems and other companies. They show that the process of change they facilitate works.

In evaluations -

  • ...the ProAttitude training earned an overall score of 4.91 out of a possible 5.0 on the Likert scale.
  • ...89% of people who took the training expected their productivity to increase and their stress to continue to decline.
  • ...85% expected it would lead to greater job satisfaction.

ProAttitude's work is based on two decades of breakthroughs in neuroscience (click for the white paper). Their founder, Don Joseph Goewey, wrote an Amazon bestselling book on the subject. He spent six years in a think tank translating the research into practical applications.

The Facilitation Model:
Awareness, Practice and Extension

Parts 1 & 2

of the training build awareness of the seriousness of stress. They provide a process for identifying one’s stress level and pattern of stress. It provides the means to transcend the pattern and wake up the neural networks that extinguish stress reactions.

Parts 3 & 4

focus on a specific set of tools. The tools, when practiced, build the attitude that taps the higher order brain function to sustain peak performance. (Parts 1 – 4 constitute Stress Buster, the four week training)

Part 5

delves into the neuroscience of creativity and provides simple tools that tap creative intelligence to enhance problem solving and innovation.

Parts 6 & 7

involve the extension of this new attitude, interpersonally, in building a powerful attitudinal climate within a company that translates into a neuro-competitive advantage.

Part 8

brings it all together in a set of principles to create the “To-Be” list that conquers the pressures of the “To-Do” list.

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