Mindful Drumming - Attitudinal Healing Connection (AHC)

Oakland, CA

Mindful Drumming, created by Kokomon Clottey of Ghana, former CFO at AHC, is rooted in modern thought, Eastern Spiritual Principles, and Ancient Indigenous Wisdom. Drawing upon the twin concepts of rhythm and sound, Mindful Drumming is a way to connect straight to the heart. Mindful Drumming and prayerful body movements are used to explore the secret art of rhythm and sound, as revealed through ancestral portals of the indigenous Ga people of West Africa. The ancient art of synchronistic rhythms and sounds can be used for healing and for unleashing the spirit of human potential.

Rhythm, sound, and vibration are used as a powerful form of meditation that helps clear the mind and heal the heart. Creating a rhythmic space in a drum circle, bringing individuals together in a collective journey to a higher level of life energy, also aids the art of community building. Performances/demonstrations for events and private lessons also available.

For further information please contact Amana Harris, Ex. Director at AHC at Amana@ahc-oakland.org