Big Island (Hawai’i) Social Services Agencies

The following social service agencies were represented in the Attitudinal Healing workshop at Kahilu Town Hall, Parker Ranch Center, Kamuela, Hawai’i:

Adult Mental Health, Hilo; Adult Mental Health, Kaua’i; Child Protective Services, Kona; Child & Family Services, Hilo & Kona; Adult Day Care, Hilo; Hospice, Kona, Hilo & Waimea; Child Protection Center; Department of Human Services, Hilo & Kona; Family Crisis Shelter, Hilo & Kona; Tutu’s House, Waimea; Office on Aging, Kona; Healthy Start Program, Captain Cook; Office on Aging, Hilo; Department of Health - Public Health Nursing; Helping hands; Catholic Social Services; Family Support Services/YMCA; Big Island Substance Abuse Council; Kona Police Department, Domestic Violence; Drug Addiction Services of Hawai’i (DASH); Department of Health, Child & Adolescent Mental Health; Community Mental Health; Kona Community Hospital/Social Services; Kona Community Hospital/Psychiatric; The Institute for Family Enrichment; Hawai’i Behavioral Health; Access Capabilities, Inc.; Hilo Police Department Juvenile Section; Department of Health-Hilo; Friends of the Future; Five Mountain/Archaeus Project; Hilo Medical Center/Social Services; Department of Health/Children with Special Needs; Department of Health/Kona Infant & Toddler Development.

Hawai'i State Legislature

At the request of members of Congress, an Attitudinal Healing workshop called “How to Be in Politics and Still Be Happy” was conducted at Windward Community College for members of both the Hawai’i Senate and the House of Representatives. Additional workshops on the subject of Attitudinal Healing were requested and offered to spouses of the legislators as well as the staff support members at the Hawai’i State Capitol in Honolulu.

Hawai'i Department of Health

Four days of intensive workshops in Attitudinal Healing were attended by all members of the Executive Division of the Department of Health on Oahu at the Kualoa Ranch.

Members of diverse categories of the following departments attended: Health Resources Administration; Family Health Services Division; Developmental Disabilities Division; Environmental Health Administration; Community Hospitals Administration Division; Behavioral Health Administration; Adult Mental Health Division; Alcohol & Drug Abuse Division; Child & Adolescent Mental Health Division; and Emergency Medical Services Systems Branch.

Hawai'i Department of Health: Maternal and Child Health Branch

Presentations on Attitudinal Healing were made to professionals as well as support staff of the Family Health Services Division of the Department of Health -- Maternal & Child Health Branch. Participants included Nurses, Social Workers, and Project Managers.

Hawai'i Department of Human Services

Attitudinal Healing seminars were conducted for the Child Welfare Division of the Department of Human Services in connection with their work to initiate systems changes in the area of child protection. Attitudinal Healing speaks directly to the support of the mental health of Social Workers engaged in the many sordid experiences they may encounter when working for the welfare of children on behalf of the State.

Additionally, beginner and advanced workshops in Attitudinal Healing and AH facilitator training were conducted for a wide range of professionals throughout the Department of Human Services including the Institute of Human Services.

Hawai'i Department of Human Services: Foster Youth Program

Attitudinal Healing workshops were conducted in conjunction with the Foster Youth Program on Oahu, Hawai’i under the direction of their Director, Merton Chinen, who is also a founding Board Member of the Hawai’i Center for Attitudinal Healing and the retired Director of Youth Services for Hawai’i.

Hawai'i State Government Officials

A two-day Attitudinal Healing workshop was attended by diverse government officials from approximately two dozen departments/organizations.

Hawai'i Department of Human Resources Development

A seminar on Coping with Change Using Attitudinal Healing was conducted for nearly all members of the Department of Human Resources including members of the Employee Assistance Office; Labor Relations; Performance Management; Personnel Transaction Office; and Workman’s Compensation and Safety.

Hawai'i Department of Justice

Family Court of the First Circuit – The Judiciary for the State of Hawai’i had members participate in a workshop on Attitudinal Healing. The focus was on the role of fear in our lives; how we make decisions; justified anger; and attack and defense.

Hawai'i Institute for Public Affairs A two-day workshop on Attitudinal Healing and “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life” was conducted in conjunction with the Hawai’i Center for Attitudinal Healing at the Kualoa Ranch, Oahu.