Annual Unleashing the Human Spirit Retreat - Attitudinal Healing Connection (AHC)

Oakland, CA

Many have experienced over the years the intensive three-day workshop that strengthened connection with their authentic souls through the art of dialogue, movement, drumming, and ritual. Immersed in indigenous wisdom from the Lakota Sioux and West African traditions, through mystical soul processing grounded in indigenous wisdom, they recognized, owned, and healed the emotional and spiritual wounds that carried down from their ancestors. Additionally, the role of ancestors in daily life was honored and embraced.

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"Beating the Black Dog" - Centre for Attitudinal Healing

Perth, Australia

“Beating the Black Dog” is a practical and uplifting workshop for people facing the challenges of depression or anxiety and their loved ones. The workshop uses The Principles of Attitudinal Healing and teaches skills and strategies to overcome anxiety and depression. It also helps participants learn and develop techniques to identify the root causes of their anxiety. It is presented by medical and clinical professionals as well as individuals who have lived with depression or anxiety and learned to thrive - not just survive.

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