The Basic Attitudinal Healing Course

The Basic AH Course was developed by Dr. Cirincione at the Hawaii State Hospital for persons with diverse abilities. It was piloted and has continued to be offered since 1996. This 9 week core curriculum for personal growth includes relapse prevention and has been adapted for many populations, including persons with Special Needs, English as a Second Language (ESL), prisoners, parolees, etc. and ranges in age from adolescents to seniors. Pre and Post tests are included along with Group Guidelines, Supplements, and a Diploma.

The purpose of the Course is to:

  1. understand the difference between a “positive” and a “negative” attitude.
  2. understand the effects of your attitudes on your life and on the lives of those around you.
  3. learn that you alone decide what attitude you are going to have.
  4. discover that others do not have to change or be different in order for you to be happy.
  5. learn to deal effectively with difficult people no matter where you are or what the circumstances.
  6. learn how to keep your thoughts in the present by not concentrating on the past and the future.
  7. experience helping others as a way of also helping yourself.
  8. take responsibility for your own attitude.
  9. understand that “attitudinal healing” is and how it can help you greatly with relapse prevention of unhealthy beliefs and attitudes.
  10. now that the quality of your life is greatly affected by your attitude towards yourself and others.

For further information please contact Trish Ellis at or 877.244.3392 ex.702

The Foundations for Success

Kenya, Africa

The Unstoppable Foundation and WE Charity (Free the Children), both non-profit humanitarian organizations, are powerful partners in bringing sustainable education to children and communities in Kenya and other developing countries. In 2016, AHI joined Unstoppable in a collaboration to develop a unique leadership and empowerment program for young adults attending WE College, a new vocational college in the Masai Mara in Kenya. The Foundations for Success curriculum was created in collaboration with Unstoppable Foundation

The Unstoppable Leadership Academy (ULA) is a powerful two-year certificate program where students learn to develop the leadership skills necessary to empower them to achieve their full potential as leaders in their families, communities, and the world at large. Students devote 25 hours each week to their ULA studies which include engaging in leadership classes and support groups, homework, mentoring and community outreach.

Attitudinal Healing was selected as the basis for the first 12-week course in the Unstoppable curriculum. Through the 12-week Foundations for Success course, the scholars learn tools for introspection, self-awareness, self-expression and genuine connection with others that lead to a greater understanding and increased confidence in achieving success.

At the conclusion of the course, these empowered, motivated students have learned to:

  • Formulate personal meaning and measurements for success
  • Develop mental habits to manage stress, enhance creativity, cultivate peace of mind, foster resilience and facilitate the experience of success
  • Increase self-awareness, self-confidence and self-efficacy
  • Strengthen interpersonal communication and listening skills
  • Cultivate attitudes and skills for successful collaboration, problem solving and interpersonal conflict resolution

The course curriculum focuses on a variety of different topics from determining a personal mission statement, to navigating the stages of grief and loss, to forgiveness and emotional awareness. Students also engage in regular mindfulness exercises, including meditation practices, body scans and journaling to encourage daily habits for calming the body, clearing the mind of distraction and consciously focusing on what is happening in the present moment.

Between 2016 and 2019, AHI participated in the development of four 12-week courses and offered three facilitator training workshops in the Mara. The program is already expanding from the college into the community at large. In 2019, the Foundations for Success curriculum was adapted and translated into local languages for a community leadership program in a remote rural community in the Mara. Eventually, Unstoppable Foundation plans to offer the program to schools and communities elsewhere.

For further information please contact Trish Ellis at or 877.244.3392 ex.702