Following the AHI International Conference held in San Francisco in 2014, Attitudinal Healing Western Australia (AHWA) joined with Michael Verde (Memory Bridge Foundation) and Trish Ellis (AHI) to develop and deliver programs to end the emotional and spiritual isolation of people living with dementia.

At the time, AHWA was looking for a new way of offering service into the community that was meaningful, and a service that would allow us personally and organizationally to deepen our own awareness, further develop our skills of communication and open our hearts more expansively towards love. The Building Briges Program answered these needs and have offered untold opportunities for people with and without dementia to learn what it is to be human and how at our very core we long to deeply connect with each other regardless of outward appearances or situations.

The Building Bridges program includes training for people visiting or caring for people with dementia, a Memory Cafe collaboration with local municipalities and a monthly art museum excursion for people with dementia and their carers.

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