Tribute to Jerry

Remembering Attitudinal Healing Founder
Gerald Jampolsky, M.D. (1925-2020)

Tributes from around the World

Dr. Lee Jampolsky

Yesterday evening, Dad passed from this life, surrounded by all of our collective Love. Hours later, I woke in the night to a small pulsating light outside on the water. Perhaps a distant vessel journeying across the horizon, it delivers a message: The one heart of the Jampolsky family is beating with the light of Love, joining with all the lives that Dad touched, influenced, and awakened, and all beings who still need his gentle light. Like the small plants surrounding a great redwood, all the progeny and we will forever reflect the tender energy of this great Being who has passed on from the physicality of this lifetime.

Having completed his sacred journey, Dad leaves the gift of peace and the wisdom within forgiveness to us all. Every day, Dad’s devotion to listening to Love increased; Peace grew, and healing flourished around him. Each day, may we honor his memory by practicing this profound, practical, and needed wisdom. Dad, through your work and presence, you awakened millions of people to the power of Love. The pulsating light of your lifeforce will continue to be our beacon to follow in both calm and turbulent water until we make our sacred journey across the horizon, greeted by your joyful smile.

Patricia Michalka,
Perth, Australia

Jerry your ‘Teach only Love’ miracles lived by you, first touched us personally in Perth Australia in the form of little red paper hearts cascading over us from your letter we opened.

The light of your loving heart touched our hearts and lives, the lives of our family, and the hearts and lives of so very many others through AH Centres here and throughout the world.

Your love light flows and continues to shine ever so brightly now you have passed to the Heart of Love.

Donatus and I feel grateful and blessed that you have been part of our lives as teacher and friend.

With boundless love and gratitude,

Zaidy DiFranco ,
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Hoy están juntos…

Me imagino al Padre Marciano dándole la bienvenida a @jerryjampolsky al estado de Paz profunda que se experimenta cuando el cuerpo ya no es necesario. Así, ambos, mis maestros, me lo enseñaron. Uno se le ha adelantado, otro ya lo ha alcanzado.

Ante semejante evento de luz,  ante la noticia de saber que Jerry Jampolsky (fundador de la Curación de Actitudes, nuestro apoyo incondicional en Cecura Santo Domingo junto a #dianecirincione) ya está en otro plano… See more

They’re together today…

I imagine Father Martian welcoming Jerry to the state of deep Peace that is experienced when the body is no longer needed. So both my teachers taught me. One has overtaken him, one has already reached him.

Given such a light event, given the news to know that Jerry Jampolsky (founder of the Healing of Attitudes, our unconditional support in Cecura Santo Domingo next to #dianecirincione) is already in another more subtle and free plane, I just have to give THANK YOU for the privilege to be your pupil, from having the confidence to call him whenever I had a doubt or faced important challenges, who told me to go ahead and who was drawn a smile with every achievement Cecura had.

Thank you for the hug, thank you for the words loaded with wisdom and simplicity, just as His Love is.

Thank you for fulfilling your mission, Jerry and expanding it in the light of the Spirit, thank you for Ser. I join the Divine jubilation for your homecoming.

Your presence is still present in all of us.

Thank you teacher.

Thank you Diane Cirincione Jampolsky for being the perfect complement to his path, and him to yours. We’re with you, Lee Jampolsky, Lexi Jampolsky and all the family. I hold them in my heart.

Maneesha Michalka,
Perth, Australia

How do I pay tribute to a life that so indelibly impacted mine?

Jerry, I celebrate your magnificent soul and I celebrate your magnificent life. A life of true selfless service and grace. A life of love – abundantly shared with all who crossed your path.

This world is absolutely a better place because you existed in it.
More than anyone I know, you found a way to spread love, joy and a deep experience of peace. More than anyone I know you kept in your heart the joy and fun of a child. Throughout my life you have been one of my greatest teachers and guides, and I thank you, I thank you, I thank you.

Jerry I am so blessed that I knew and loved you; that my husband and kids knew and loved you, and that you loved us. I treasure in my heart all the memories and I am so very, very grateful for the time we have been blessed to share with you over the years.

My love and blessings are with Diane, Lee, Greg and all of your family.
Above all Jerry, I am grateful. Grateful for your extraordinary soul and grateful that it touched my life and so many others. My teacher, my friend – I thank you and I bless you. You found the light in this life – may it guide you home.

“So I’ll sing Hallelujah
Spread your wings as you go
And when God took you back
He said ‘Hallelujah you’re home”

Rinaldo S. Brutoco,
President of the World Business Academy

Of all of the luminaries I’ve been fortunate enough to work with over my lifetime, Jerry’s influence on me and my life is one of the most profound. Jerry was one of my most powerful mentors and an inspiration to millions. He was like my older brother for more than 35 years, as well as the man who taught me the power of forgiveness and the power of love.

Diane Berke

RIP, Jerry … I was blessed to host you in my home in NYC many years ago when you were in the City to offer a teaching. Your kindness and gentle humor were so nourishing to all of us who met you.

Teach Only Love was my first introduction to the principles of ACIM, which transformed my life. May your ongoing journey in consciousness and spirit be sweet. Deep gratitude and love

Kiana Luna,

One of the most amazing souls I’ve ever known in this lifetime, has made his transition into the Light of Love that he was made from✨????✨

To me, he is my “fairy godfather” Jerry, who has known me since I was a 1 year old, who has always been so generous & kind to me, and has been a truly life-changing beacon of inspiration to my parents & family since he first came into our lives.

To the world, he was Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D.~ author of 20 bestselling books, many of which were based on A Course In Miracles (several of which, my father translated into Japanese), and was an exceptionally loving and devoted partner to his amazing wife, Diane Cirincione Jampolsky, Ph.D.

They have both been such incredible Light Warriors for those who are facing illness, loss, and any number of devastating life challenges, through their non profit that offers free support to those in need, and through their daily Presence of Being~ in walking as the Embodiments of Compassion & Truth that they always were~ so exquisitely at each other’s side.

I will always remember what an impact Jerry’s teachings had on my family~ particularly for my parents~ in moving through the deaths of my baby sister and brother. The idea that “Only Love is Real” and that all else is an illusion~ & that no matter how things appear on the surface~ there is Divine Perfection at play, for All involved, at All times~ has been a lifelong learning for me to fully integrate~ even though, time & again, it proves itself to be more true than anything else.

It is so surreal to imagine a world without Jerry in it; just as it felt unnatural and strange for me to be in a world without my father. But I also have this deep sense of peace and profound gratitude~ in knowing how enriched Jerry’s life was~ with the fullness of his whole heart & spirit that he imbued into everything that he did, & to everyone that he touched.

He was a true Master in his chosen field of Expression, & the Embodiment of Forgiveness and its Transformative Healing Magic. Jerry lived an Authentically Remarkable life, in every moment of his existence, to his very last breath. And I can only hope to have that level of Strength, Resilience, & Devotion to the Calling of my Soul~ where I can say that I did the same~ when it comes to the end of my earth’s journey.

I Love you forever and always, Dearest Jerry. Thank you for the eternal gift of your profound presence, which I know will perpetually permeate into every soul that you inspired and helped through to the other side of their pain~ towards the Awareness of Grace within their own Healing. I trust that you and Daddy will be having a grand time together in the Cosmos, as the now fully liberated Angels you always were here on Earth.

Maren Westphal,
New York

Jerry’s life and legacy in the Centers for Attitudinal Healing worldwide and the countless people whose lives he transformed are a testament to the power of love in the face of adversity. My family and I read Jerry’s book “Teach only Love” while I was in an ICU in England after a horseback riding accident that resulted in spinal cord injury.

My family and I found Jerry’s wisdom and powerful stories of love and hope profoundly uplifting. I wrote to Jerry while still in the hospital. One year later, I had the great privilege and joy to meet Jerry and Diane during my first visit to the United States. They have been a part of my life ever since and made many miracles happen in my life.

I will miss Jerry, and I’m sad I never had the opportunity to introduce him to my daughter in person. But he was and will continue to be my guardian angel. Thank you, Jerry.

Anita Catalina

RIP dear Jerry Jampolsky, you have left the world far better than how you found it. Our hearts go out to Jerry’s beautiful wife Diane Cirincione Jampolsky.

Jerry was the creator of Attitudinal Healing. His 12 Principles of Attitudinal Healing touch a deep core in the psyche of humanity, especially in today’s world.

Jerry’s work was the inspiration for Aeeshah and Kokomon Clottey who took those Principles and applied them to their Racial Healing Circles.

When Scott Peterson and I first began producing Imaginary Walls, about Aeeshah’s and Kokomon’s work to end racism, we immediately saw the profound influence of Jerry’s brilliant pioneering work.

“The Essence of Our Being is Love.” is the 1st Principle of Attitudinal Healing. Jerry was living proof of the Truth in those words. He will be missed.

Laura Bourret

My hearts weeps with the news of this beautiful man’s passing.  Jerry was full of light and love.  May the waves of grief be gentle on the souls of his extraordinary family.  Your words changed a world Jerry Jampolsky and we are forever thankful. 

May the simplicity of “love is letting go of fear” continue to center our hearts even in this moment of profound loss.  Much love and blessings for your journey.

Kenneth Bok

In Memory of Dr Jerry Jampolsky, who passed on this week

Jerry Jampolsky, MD (1925 – 2020) was a psychiatrist and professor at the University of Hawaii. He was the founder of Attitudinal Healing, a healing modality inspired by the spiritual text ‘A Course in Miracles’. His bestselling book, ‘Love is Letting Go of Fear’, has sold over 3.5 million copies and continues to guide readers in letting go and self-healing, myself included.

I had the good fortune to meet Jerry and his wife Diane in 2011 at a workshop organised by the Miracle Network. I remember his intelligence and gentleness. At that time he was 86!

Jerry’s son, Dr. Lee Jampolsky, wrote and recorded his beautiful journal entry, which I share via a link to YouTube.

Thank you Jerry. You made a difference. Godspeed.

“There is always another way of looking at the world.”