Musical Tribute Jerry

AHI Living Musical Memorial Project
honoring Jerry Jampolsky

What is a “Living” Memorial?
Jerry Jampolsky’s life work is as alive and meaningful today as it has ever been. It lives and breathes and has its existence in every Attitudinal Healing center and group, in every heart that was ever touched by AH through a center, or Jerry’s books, or through contact with one of you. It is only fitting that his memorial is not only about honoring Jerry and his work. It is about expanding the reach of AH’s principles and wisdom and sharing the essence of our beings—Love.

Jerry’s worldwide “Living” Musical Memorial will continue to live through an expanding body of work, and healing, through our growing AH family. It will continue to flourish along with our own inner peace and love as we live the principles every day.

What does a “Living” Musical Memorial look like?
Thanks to the vision of Paul Burt, a song writer and long-time member of the AH family, AHI is creating this Living Musical Memorial by collecting and sharing songs that express Attitudinal Healing. Songs you can sing and play in your community—and share with the world! It is “living” as it will continue to grow and evolve over time, for generations to come.

How can you participate?
Creating a living musical memorial together is a vibrant example of giving and receiving. Musicians from anywhere in the world may contribute a recorded song and/or lyrics dedicated to Jerry and his work that will be posted on the AHI website and shared via social media. Song writers may also contribute lyrics for others to record and post on the site. Contributions may also include poetry or prose with a musical background.

How to get started?
Contact AHI via email at: [email protected] and provide the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Brief biographical information (100 words or less)
  • Photo of yourself or a graphic associated with your song.
  • Name of the song and some background about how it relates to Attitudinal Healing.
  • A recording and/or song lyrics in one of these forms:
    • mp3 file (audio)
    • mp4 file (video)
    • a link to your website or YouTube channel
    • a pdf file (lyrics)

This is your project! Music is our project core. Start creating!



Please check back often as contributions to Jerry’s “Living” Musical Memorial will continue to grow and evolve over time, expanding the reach of AH’s principles, wisdom and sharing the essence of our beings — Love.


In Loving Memory...

Thanks to Michael Stillwater for this beautiful excerpt from an interview with Jerry & Diane on their Sausalito houseboat, for the film series 'In Search of the Great Song.' Film by Michael Stillwater & Doris Laesser Stillwater for Song Without Borders

John Denver

Legendary singer-songwriter, record producer, actor, activist, and humanitarian, John Denver dedicated this beautiful song for Jerry and Diane and the Attitudinal Healing community on the power of love.

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Kokomon Clottey

As a founder of Attitudinal Healing Center (AHC) with his partner, Aeeshah Clottey, Kokomon’s practice has always been community oriented, striving to work with those around him in bettering our world. Born into the Ga-Adagbe tribe in Accra, Ghana, Kokomon’s sense of spirituality and knowledge of ancient rituals is deeply intertwined in his work. As an author, Kokomon wrote and published, Mindful Drumming, Ancient Wisdom for Unleashing the Human Spirit and Building Community. He co-authored Beyond Fear, with his wife Aeeshah Clottey.

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Mariah Parker

Composer, pianist and band leader, Mariah's passion is bringing beauty into the world. She is currently working on a third album of original compositions. Mariah created the music and video below, 'Being With My Dad,' in collaboration with Dr. Lee Jampolsky in honor of Jerry's passing. The second piece, 'For the Waters,'  is dedicated with love to Jerry.


Steven Halpern

Steven Halpern is a Grammy nominated recording artist, composer, and pioneering sound healer.  He is a founding father of New Age music.  He was introduced to the Course by Jerry and Judith at a 1977 program, and subsequently produce 5 recordings of material from A Course in Miracles with Rev. Beverly Hutchinson.

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Natan Segal

Rabbi Nathan Segal was a rabbinical leader, healer, musician, artist, and dear friend of Jerry and Diane’s and the Attitudinal Healing community. He wrote and performed many songs inspired by the Principles of Attitudinal Healing, and the link below is to one of Rumi’s poems which he set to music.

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Karen Drucker

Karen Drucker has been called “a master of communicating presence and spirituality through music.” She has recorded 20 CDs of original inspirational music and written a best-selling book, Let Go of the Shore: Stories and Songs That Set the Spirit Free. Karen speaks, sings, and leads workshops at women’s retreats, mind-body-health conferences, and New Thought centers throughout the country.

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Tom Pinkson

Tom Pinkson, Ph.D., serves as a bridge builder, translating indigenous wisdom into a modern context bringing forth the intelligence and creativity of spiritual awakening, emotional wellbeing, and living in sustainable balance with Mother Earth and the Circle of Life. Tom is a psychologist in private practice, sacred storyteller, spiritual guide, author, musician, ceremonial retreat and vision quest leader and a devoted grandfather. He developed a successful wilderness treatment program for heroin addicts in the early 70’s, helped start the first at-home Hospice program in the United States and worked with Jerry at the Center for Attitudinal Healing for over thirty years.

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Paul Burt

“Love Is Letting Go of Fear” and participating in Attitudinal Healing groups and workshops led to a transformation in my life which continues to bless me everyday.  Writing these songs is one way I hope to help others find their healing path.

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Phoebe Lauren

Former Executive Director of the Center for Attitudinal Healing in Tiburon and Sausalito, California and Vancouver, British Columbia. Phoebe now lives in France and serves as a resource person there and is a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles. She has written 24 books, all dealing with personal development and likes to create original music and art. Speaks English, French, and basic Italian.

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