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A Month For Gratitude

9-21-10          A Month For Gratitude

We find that there are days when we focus on the wrong minded things like our frustrations, our grievances, and our hurts that we end up being irritable, edgy and depressed.

One of the aspects of what we call “right minded" things is focusing on our gratitude. When we start the day with a gratitude list we end up peaceful, happy and light hearted.


Today Is the Happiest Day of Our Lives

9-7-10          Today Is the Happiest Day of Our Lives

We are just back from our first trip to UlaanBataar, Outer Mongolia. The new Attitudinal Healing Center there is growing rapidly and co-creating groups with NGO’s working with AIDS, persons with disabilities, abused and homeless children, persons in wheelchairs, the blind, as well as folks wanting to incorporate Attitudinal Healing with the challenges of their everyday lives.

By utilizing Attitudinal Healing Principles, they are learning that often what they believe is what they experience. Recently a friend pointed out to us a quote from President Lincoln that states, “You are as happy each day as you decide to be.”  We and many others, both in Mongolia and elsewhere, who live by the Principles are determining that we can decide to be peaceful and happy each day no matter what appears on the plate of life.


Recognizing "Being" Instead of "Doing"

6-8-10          Recognizing "Being" Instead of "Doing"

One of the focuses of Attitudinal Healing is to let go of the blocks that interfere with experiencing ourselves as love and giving that love away.

We have experienced that the main blocks to love are generally our judgments of ourselves and others, our attachments to guilt and blame, our control issues, the interpretations we make on others and ourselves, and our belief that we are only bodies doomed to die and that’s the end of it. These are strong manifestations of the ego’s system that keep us from experiencing love and inner peace.


Love IS the Answer

4-13-10          Love IS The Answer

There is an old saying that April showers will bring May flowers.  We like to think that our purpose here on planet earth is to be gardeners who plant seeds of love. Some of the seeds will blossom into flowers almost instantly; some might take a few months, while others may well take years. In their own time all of them will blossom. When we plant these seeds and give our love away to others, we do not measure it or get focused on the outcome. We believe that all love sent is ultimately received at some level.


Happiness Is A Choice

2-26-10          Happiness Is A Choice

This month we celebrated President Lincoln's birthday and were reminded by our dear friend Carlos Santana of a quote of his that went something like, "We are only as happy as we decide to be."

That quote is what Attitudinal Healing is all about. Our happiness is not dependent on external factors. Our happiness is our natural state of mind. It is only the self-imposed blocks we put in the way of love, such as unforgiving thoughts, that cause our unhappiness.


Another Way of Looking At Life

1-18-10          Another Way Of Looking At Life

We believe there is another way of looking at life that makes it possible for us to walk through this world in love, at peace, and without fear. There is no room for denial here. Instead, we look head on into the challenges the world offers and deal with them directly. The difference from before and now and how we look at what is happening is the consciousness we hold. A commitment to taking full responsibility for all that we think, say, and do opens the door to allow our inner consciousness to direct our outward actions. This other way requires no external battles, only that we heal ourselves. It is a process we call "attitudinal healing," because it is an internal and primarily mental process. Properly practiced, it will, we believe, allow each of us, regardless of our circumstances, to begin experiencing the joy and harmony that each instant contains and to start our journey on a path of love and hope.