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Two Poems on how Your Attitude Is Everything

5-1-11         Two Poems On How Your Attitude Is Everything

No matter what is put on our plate each day, we can always choose to shift our perception and look at the situation as somehow holding a positive experience from which we can learn.

The following poems were forwarded to us recently by our dear friend, Christine Comaford. Author(s) unknown. They touched our hearts.


Giving and Receiving Are Actually the Same

4-15-11         Giving And Receiving Are Actually The Same!

The tragic crises of earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan, uprisings and fighting in the Middle East, fears of nuclear contamination, financial insecurities, storms and floods causing devastation all create an opening of our hearts more than ever to those who are being deeply challenged.

But does there have to be a crisis for us to open up to each other? Whether there is a crisis or not, let us ask ourselves a question: Wouldn't the world be a better place if we didn't exclude our love from anyone?


Inner Calm in the Face of Tragedy

3-15-11         Inner Calm In the Face of Tragedy

With the devastating tragedy following Japan’s earthquake, tsunami, loss of life, destruction beyond belief, nuclear plant breakdown and emissions, there is a mixture of great fear of the unknown future… and at the same time, great compassion for the people of Japan and how they as a nation are relating to this crisis.

It behooves us to ask the question: How can each of us respond to what we are seeing and hearing and still not be fearful? 


The Art of Compassion

3-1-11         The Art of Compassion

We invite you to join us in making the ART OF COMPASSION one of your most important daily functions this month. Compassion to us is a demonstration of the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” A compassionate person has a sincere empathy and sympathy for the suffering of others that allows them, in a certain way, to get inside the other person and sense how they feel, and then lose their self-identity in their loving, caring attitude for another.


Finding Inner Peace During Chaos

2-18-11         Finding Inner Peace During Chaos

"We can learn to experience inner peace even when there is chaos going on all around us."

Our egos would have us believe that it is not possible to have a sense of inner peace when there is so much fear and uncertainty in the world we see and experience.


We Can Retrain Our Minds

1-21-11         We Can Retrain Our Minds

There is another way of looking at the world and another way of looking at life and death.
Working with families with children who are facing death has shown me that there is another way of looking at life and death, and living and dying.

They have also taught me the value of living life one day at a time, and the importance of discovering that it is always possible to experience peace of mind inside even when chaos is going on all around me or in my body.


Each Day Is A Timeless Day

1-5-11         Each Day Is A Timeless Day

May the beginning of this New Year be greeted by us with joy, love and a determination to live in a consciousness of giving and being helpful to others.

May each day become a timeless moment where we live in the present with an absence of judgments and hurts from the past and fears about the future. Let us live with a reality of being love and reflecting that love and the light to others.


Becoming A Love Finder

11-3-10         Becoming A Love Finder, Not A Fault Finder

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” -- Mother Teresa

Among Mother Teresa’s many amazing qualities was her ability to take something complex and simplify it. We were fortunate to have met with Mother several times, and one of the things that impressed us the most was her commitment and devotion to her spiritual pathway.


Starting the Day with Our "To Be" List

10-4-10          Starting the Day With Our "To Be" List

We have found that what tends to cause us a lot of stress is our daily “to do” list. We have found that we, like many others, often have long “to do” lists and at the end of the day, we are tempted to be frustrated because we have not finished everything on the list.

We have created a “to be” list, and we start the day by reciting it out loud while still in bed. Then we review our “to do” list after we get up and in gear. And guess what? Our day inevitably becomes more peaceful as well as more productive.

You can make up your own list each day or use the same one over and over. Our list generally goes like this:


A Month For Gratitude

9-21-10          A Month For Gratitude

We find that there are days when we focus on the wrong minded things like our frustrations, our grievances, and our hurts that we end up being irritable, edgy and depressed.

One of the aspects of what we call “right minded" things is focusing on our gratitude. When we start the day with a gratitude list we end up peaceful, happy and light hearted.