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Following Your Own Heart

Written on the plane from New York to San Francisco
In Attitudinal Healing Support Groups, one of the guidelines for people in the group is to refrain from giving advice.
We incorporated this guideline of “no advice” because we believe in empowering everyone to find their own answers, their own direction and their own guidance by learning to listen to their heart -- the teacher that is within their heart, who has their personal answers.


Healing The Pain - A Reflection on 9/11/01

This article was originally written by Drs. Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione on September 12, 2001. It was mailed to the New York Times as a Letter to the Editor, in response to the attacks on September 11, 2001.

Like millions of people all over the world, we have been in a state of shock, bewilderment and dismay, with feelings of great sadness, grief, and anger that anything this outrageous could ever happen. We, our nation, and the world are sharing a grief process that has such magnitude that it defies description.



The Golden Rule

We believe in simplicity. What could be more simple than the golden rule?
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
This is truly the core of Attitudinal Healing.

  • It is loving everyone as your brother and sister.
  • It is seeing no separation between yourself and others.
  • It is a focus on “giving “ rather than “getting.”

Doing The Impossible

How about joining us in doing what we once thought was impossible?

Let us decide, one day at a time, to live for 24 hours without making judgments about others or ourselves.


Thoughts on Love and Linear Time

7-15-11         Thoughts On Love And Linear Time

Is it possible to change our belief about the purpose of linear time?

So many of us, ourselves included, have spent a good part of our lives feeling the purpose of time was to achieve; to save for the future so we can be secure; to believe the past will predict the future; to interpret people’s behavior so we know whether we can trust them.


From Hawaii: Some Thoughts On Roots

7-1-11         From Hawaii: Some Thoughts On Roots

On our early morning walks (6:00 AM) to the 24 hour gym, we like to stop and hug one of the huge Fire Wood trees that grows near where we stay. We see this as an exchange of love and an exchange of energy.

The long roots of big trees that go deep into the ground remind us to focus on our own spiritual roots, which are beyond measurement.


Letting Go With Laughter

6-15-11         Letting Go With Laughter

If there is one thing most of us do not do enough of, it is laughing and not taking ourselves so seriously. It is important to let go of what other people might think of us and feel free to be silly.

Some years ago, we decided to surprise one of our dearest friends, Dorothy Thau of Aspen, Colorado, and do something creative that would make her laugh and, at the same time, help her feel our love for her.


Finding Peace In Troubled Times

6-1-11         Finding Peace In Troubled Times

We seem to live in a world that is dominated by fear. Fear is seen in so many forms, and all forms have something to do with the body.

The symptoms of fear originate in how we see the world. When we see the world from our ego mind’s point of view, we experience judgments, grievances, loneliness, a sense of isolation, hopelessness, fears of rejection, sickness, limitations, and a fear of death.

In the new 3rd edition of Love Is Letting Go Of Fear by Jerry, he talks about attitudes toward fears of financial instability, and fear of terrorists and wars.


Heaven as a State of Mind

5-15-11         Heaven As A State Of Mind

Is heaven a place, or could heaven simply be a state of mind?

Give Kids The World in Orlando, Florida is an amazing place to visit. Our dear friend, a survivor of Auschwitz, created the vision of this unique village over 25 years ago. Jerry is on the Give Kids The World advisory board and we both have been supporters of the village these past 25 years. We have continually been inspired by Henri’s vision and the courage of these families who live in the land of unconditional love where only love can be found and where, for that eternal moment, fear has disappeared. It is a memory that these families hold on to forever.